Canada's Oil & Gas: Greening for Global Competitiveness

Natural Resources Canada outlines a 30-year roadmap to decarbonize the country's oil and gas sector by 2050. Emphasizing the global shift towards net-
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Natural Resources Canada outlines a 30-year roadmap to decarbonize the country's oil and gas sector by 2050. Emphasizing the global shift towards net-zero economies, the plan aims for ultra-low emission hydrocarbon production. The strategy includes partnerships, regulations, and innovations to enhance competitiveness while slashing emissions.



Natural Resources Canada introduces a comprehensive roadmap to guide Canada's oil and gas sector towards decarbonization. Acknowledging the imperative of addressing climate change, the plan focuses on minimizing emissions from hydrocarbon production while ensuring the sector's long-term competitiveness on a global scale.

The roadmap underscores the transformative potential within the oil and gas industry, positioning climate action as a cornerstone for economic growth. Recognizing that ultra-low emission production will be pivotal in a net-zero future, the plan emphasizes the need for strategic initiatives to boost competitiveness and sustainability concurrently.

Highlighting the sector's diversity, the roadmap delineates the sub-sectors—upstream, midstream, and downstream—each pivotal in different stages of production and distribution. It underscores the significant role of various provinces and territories, Indigenous Peoples, industry stakeholders, and governmental bodies in this journey towards sustainability.

Emissions reduction forms the crux of this transformative plan. As the largest contributor to Canada's emissions, the oil and gas sector faces immense pressure to cut its carbon footprint. The roadmap details the historical emission trends, emission intensity variations, and progress made in reducing emissions intensity through technology deployment and regulatory measures.

The document stresses the importance of absolute emissions reduction, laying emphasis on stabilizing and significantly decreasing emissions over the coming years. Highlighting commitments from major industry players towards net-zero targets by 2050, the plan acknowledges the sector's ambition and focuses on aligning government policies to support these endeavors.

Moreover, the roadmap underscores the collaborative effort needed from all stakeholders—industry, governments, Indigenous communities, and civil society—to accelerate innovation and ensure the sector's sustainable transformation.


Natural Resources Canada's roadmap represents a strategic vision for Canada's oil and gas sector, emphasizing the twin goals of competitiveness and sustainability. By charting a course towards ultra-low emission production and aligning with global net-zero trends, the plan stands as a testament to Canada's commitment to combating climate change while preserving economic vitality.

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