China's Epochal Shift: Renewables Dominate Power Scene

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Recent data from China's National Energy Administration reveals a remarkable transformation—renewable energy has overtaken thermal power, constituting over 50% of the nation's total installed power generation capacity. The ascent of wind, solar, hydropower, and biomass energy to 1.45 billion kilowatts marks a significant milestone, with the total capacity reaching 2.9 billion kilowatts, up by 12.9% from the previous year. In China's concerted push toward wind and solar energy development, these sources have collectively surpassed one billion kilowatts, maintaining a substantial share in the newly installed capacity. Presently, renewables contribute approximately one-third of the nation's total power consumption, with wind and solar power accounting for over 15% of this consumption.


In a groundbreaking revelation, China's National Energy Administration unveils a monumental shift in the country's power generation scenario. The ascendancy of renewable energy sources—comprising wind power, solar power, hydropower, and biomass energy—has triumphantly surpassed traditional thermal power, commanding more than 50% of the nation's installed power generation capacity.

The cumulative installed capacity for renewable energy stands at a staggering 1.45 billion kilowatts, marking a momentous stride in China's pursuit of sustainable energy. This impressive figure marks a 12.9% surge compared to the previous year, reaching an overall power generation capacity of approximately 2.9 billion kilowatts.

As part of a concerted push to accelerate wind and solar power initiatives, these two renewable sources have collectively soared past the milestone of one billion kilowatts. This monumental achievement underscores their substantial role in China's burgeoning energy landscape.

Currently, renewable energy contributes significantly to China's energy mix, accounting for nearly one-third of the nation's total power consumption. Wind and solar power, in particular, play a vital role, jointly constituting over 15% of the country's overall power usage.


China's monumental shift towards renewable energy sources heralds a historic turning point in its energy narrative. With over 50% of the nation's power generation capacity now dominated by renewables, led by wind, solar, hydropower, and biomass energy, this marks a pivotal moment in the global pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. The ascent of renewables, contributing substantially to power consumption, signifies China's steadfast commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

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