Decarbonizing the Deep Blue: Iberdrola and ANFACO-CECOPESCA's Pact

ANFACOImage Source: Iberdrola


Iberdrola and ANFACO-CECOPESCA forge a groundbreaking pact to spearhead climate action within the industrial fishing chain. The agreement entails personalized guidance for the 255 associated companies, aiding them in minimizing their carbon footprint through tailored decarbonization solutions. Iberdrola further extends its Global Green Employment platform, offering a hub for green job opportunities globally. This collaborative effort marks a significant stride in aligning marine-industry practices with eco-friendly standards.



In a landmark initiative for climate action, Iberdrola and ANFACO-CECOPESCA join forces to champion the decarbonization of the industrial fishing chain. The signed agreement outlines a path for 255 associated companies within this cluster to receive individualized guidance on reducing their carbon footprint. The collaborative efforts focus on implementing decarbonization solutions intricately tailored to the unique industrial processes of each company.

Iberdrola, a key player in the energy sector, brings forth not only expertise but also a commitment to sustainability. The agreement emphasizes the pivotal role of personalized advice, recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach won't suffice in the diverse landscape of the marine-industry chain. By catering advice to the specific needs of each company, the partnership aims to foster a comprehensive shift towards greener practices.

As part of this commitment, Iberdrola extends access to its Global Green Employment (GGE) platform to the members of ANFACO-CECOPESCA. The GGE platform serves as a nexus for green job opportunities, disseminating information on the demand for professionals within the eco-friendly sector. This strategic move not only aligns with the broader goals of decarbonization but also emphasizes the creation and promotion of sustainable employment within the green economy.

The collaboration between Iberdrola and ANFACO-CECOPESCA signifies a shared vision for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious industrial fishing chain. By leveraging the expertise of Iberdrola and the industry insights of ANFACO-CECOPESCA, the pact seeks to drive tangible change at the intersection of energy and marine industries. This aligns with the global call for heightened climate action and underlines the commitment of both entities to lead the charge within their respective domains.


The alliance between Iberdrola and ANFACO-CECOPESCA stands as a beacon for collaborative sustainability efforts. Through this pact, the industrial fishing chain takes a significant step towards decarbonization, acknowledging the urgent need for tailored solutions. As these 255 companies embark on a journey to reduce their carbon footprint, the partnership ensures that the process is not just effective but also inclusive. By sharing resources like the GGE platform, Iberdrola amplifies its commitment to not only reducing environmental impact but also fostering green employment opportunities worldwide.

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