Empowering the Grid: ScottishPower's £5.4bn Green Surge

ScottishPowerImage Source: GOV


ScottishPower surges into the new year with a monumental £5.4 billion tender, signaling a robust commitment to upgrading its electricity network infrastructure. This colossal opportunity, its largest ever, aims to fortify the grid for a green energy future, providing a substantial boost to the supply chain and creating green jobs. With the UK facing a doubling demand for electricity in the next decade, ScottishPower's visionary investment plans target the overhaul of the grid, unlocking growth, and advancing the nation's net-zero aspirations.


In a resounding move towards fortifying the foundations of the nation's energy landscape, ScottishPower unveils a monumental £5.4 billion worth of contract opportunities, embarking on its most ambitious phase of electricity network investment. This strategic move by its SP Energy Networks business is not just a financial milestone but a resounding commitment to shaping a green future for the United Kingdom.

The timing couldn't be more critical, with the International Energy Agency forecasting a doubling of electricity demand in the next decade. To meet this surge, the UK needs over 600,000km of new or upgraded electricity lines. ScottishPower, recognizing the urgency, positions itself at the forefront of this transformative journey, launching an unprecedented contract opportunity to support green energy infrastructure and cultivate green jobs.

Keith Anderson, ScottishPower CEO, affirms the company's dedication to kickstarting the most extensive overhaul of the grid since its inception. This visionary investment, spanning the next decade, aims not only to grow electricity networks but also to fuel workforce expansion, offering a colossal opportunity for the supply chain. Anderson emphasizes the need for swift action in consenting and constructing the new grid to harness clean green renewables, ensuring energy security, and upholding the UK's leadership in decarbonization.

SP Energy Networks, the grid business under ScottishPower, invites skilled companies to bid for contracts to design, develop, and upgrade strategic transmission infrastructure. The scope includes new high-voltage substations, overhead line construction, and comprehensive design, engineering, construction, and electrical works. Vicky Kelsall, CEO of SP Energy Networks, underscores the significance of this infrastructure rollout, positioning it as a vital step towards supporting the electricification of the wider economy.

The £5.4 billion worth of contracts, spanning the next decade, encompasses transmission projects across central and southern Scotland. This strategic move aims to facilitate the transportation of more green energy across the country, connecting 80-85GW of clean renewable energy to the GB transmission system, and reducing the UK's dependence on fossil fuels.

As a response to the growing importance of rapid development in the energy sector, the UK Government, in November, announced measures to halve the time for building high-voltage power lines and streamline grid connections. This comprehensive package aligns with the broader goal of supporting economic growth and solidifying the UK's position as a premier destination for renewable investments.


ScottishPower's £5.4 billion green surge unfolds as a transformative force in the UK's energy landscape. Beyond the financial figures, it symbolizes a commitment to a sustainable future, echoing in the creation of green jobs and bolstering the nation's grid for generations to come. As the contracts open doors for the supply chain, the vision of a low-carbon, decarbonized future takes a significant step forward, with ScottishPower at the helm of this visionary journey.

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