Energizing Progress: Galán's Davos Discourse

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Iberdrola's Executive Chairman, Ignacio Galán, champions the role of energy storage in propelling renewable energy investment at the Davos Forum. Engaging in the session "Tripling Renewables: Make It Rapid and Responsible," alongside European Commissioner Kadri Simson and US Special Envoy John Kerry, Galán emphasizes the need for both short-term and long-term storage solutions, including hydroelectric pumping. Expressing optimism in achieving the goal of tripling renewables, he underscores the importance of swift action, involving local communities, and leveraging technology and interconnections for a sustainable energy transition.


In the prestigious setting of the Davos Forum, Ignacio Galán, the Executive Chairman of Iberdrola, assumes a pivotal role in advocating for the pivotal role of energy storage in catapulting investment in renewable energy. Joining forces with European Commissioner Kadri Simson and US Special Envoy John Kerry in the session "Tripling Renewables: Make It Rapid and Responsible," Galán's discourse resonates with urgency and optimism.

Galán articulates a compelling vision for the future, asserting that investments should extend beyond renewable generation to encompass crucial aspects like electricity distribution networks and storage. Notably, he emphasizes the dual necessity of short-term solutions, such as batteries, and long-term storage, exemplified by hydroelectric pumping. This holistic approach, according to Galán, lays the groundwork for a resilient and efficient renewable energy ecosystem.

Optimism pervades Galán's stance regarding the ambitious goal of tripling renewables. Backed by technological advancements, financial resources, and unwavering ambition, he believes that the feasibility of this goal is within reach. However, a sense of urgency underscores his optimism, emphasizing the need for swift action and accelerated momentum in the transition to renewable energy.

Galán's discourse extends beyond technological considerations to the imperative of involving local communities in the renewable energy revolution. Drawing on his 25 years of experience and rural upbringing, he stresses the need for big companies to forge partnerships with local communities before initiating projects. The emphasis lies not just on energy production but on fostering new economies and generating employment opportunities.

The crux of Galán's message lies in the imperative of conveying the potential of renewable energy to local communities. Beyond seeing it as a means of electricity production, communities should perceive it as a catalyst for creating a new economy. Galán envisions a symbiotic relationship where renewable energy projects become pillars for economic revitalization in localities.

As the discourse concludes, Galán sheds light on the future trajectory of the electricity sector, envisioning a symbiosis with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Optimization of production, especially in areas of high demand, emerges as a key strategy. Galán underscores the sector's responsibility to adapt and integrate AI for a more efficient and responsive energy landscape.


Ignacio Galán's discourse at Davos transcends rhetoric, embodying a call to action for a sustainable energy future. The marriage of technology, community involvement, and global cooperation emerges as the linchpin for achieving ambitious renewable energy goals. Galán's vision, presented amidst the influential Davos audience, resonates as a blueprint for not just tripling renewables but fostering economic growth, employment, and a resilient energy ecosystem.

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