Equinor's UK Triumph: Blandford Road Battery Powers Up



Equinor, a stalwart in the UK energy landscape, achieves a breakthrough with its Blandford Road battery storage asset. Operating at 25 MW/50 MWh, this milestone not only reinforces Equinor's commitment to flexible power solutions but aligns with the UK's Energy Security Strategy. The Blandford Road asset, owned entirely by Equinor, exemplifies the pivotal role battery storage plays in enhancing security of supply and aiding the UK's transition to 95% low-carbon electricity by 2030.


In a groundbreaking moment for Equinor's energy endeavors in the UK, the Blandford Road battery storage asset has commenced operations. Boasting a capacity of 25 MW/50 MWh, this strategic facility signals Equinor's resolve to deliver dynamic power solutions and fortify energy security in the country.

The Blandford Road asset, located in Dorset, stands as a testament to Equinor's dedication to diversifying its energy portfolio. Fully owned by Equinor, this battery storage marvel is developed and operated by Noriker Power, a British battery storage company in which Equinor holds a substantial 45% equity share. Comprising approximately 150 lithium-ion battery units, Blandford Road has the capability to store sufficient electricity to power 75,000 UK homes for two hours.

Equinor's UK Country Manager, Alex Grant, emphasizes the significance of this achievement, stating, "This is a significant milestone for our ambition to deliver flexible power and maintain security of supply in the UK." He envisions a robust battery storage portfolio that aligns with Equinor's 40-year legacy in the UK, encompassing stable oil and gas supply, pioneering offshore wind projects, and spearheading initiatives for decarbonizing the UK economy.

The unveiling of Blandford Road aligns with the UK's Energy Security Strategy, envisioning 95% of the country's electricity to be low carbon by 2030. Battery storage systems, exemplified by Equinor's latest asset, play a pivotal role in achieving this ambitious target. These systems store surplus energy generated from renewable sources like wind and solar, releasing it during peak demand, thereby enhancing the security of supply and safeguarding against power price extremes.

Equinor's vision extends beyond singular achievements, as Olav Kolbeinstveit, Senior Vice President for Onshore and Markets within Renewables at Equinor, highlights. The company envisions a renewables portfolio integrating wind and solar generation assets with flexible assets like batteries to mitigate the intermittency of renewable power generation. Equinor's commitment is further underscored by the upcoming Welkin Mill battery storage project in Greater Manchester, with a capacity of 35 MW/70 MWh, expected to be operational in 2024.

The success of Blandford Road is not only a testament to Equinor's technological prowess but also a significant stride towards a sustainable and resilient energy future. The company's integration of industrial perspective, financial capacity, and local expertise positions Equinor as a key player in the UK's evolving energy landscape.

Equinor's energy trading arm, Danske Commodities, will play a crucial role in providing market access, balancing, and optimization services for the Blandford Road asset. This collaborative approach, leveraging Equinor's industrial acumen, Noriker's local capabilities, and Danske Commodities' trading expertise, aims to swiftly scale the battery storage portfolio in the UK.


Equinor's Blandford Road battery storage asset not only marks a milestone in the company's trajectory but also exemplifies the pivotal role battery storage plays in advancing the UK's low-carbon energy goals. As Equinor continues to make strides in offshore wind, battery storage, and other renewable initiatives, it solidifies its position as a key contributor to the UK's sustainable energy transition.

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