First Solar & Cleantech: India's Green Power Pact

First Solar and Cleantech Solar ink a 15-year deal to provide clean electricity for a new Indian facility. Producing 70% of
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First Solar and Cleantech Solar ink a 15-year deal to provide clean electricity for a new Indian facility. Producing 70% of its power needs, the project involves 150 MW solar and 16.8 MW wind assets, estimated to reduce 7,000 kilotons of CO₂. Cleantech will use India-made Series 7 modules, aiding sustainable energy solutions for both firms.



First Solar, in collaboration with Cleantech Solar, has cemented a 15-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) geared to energize its new 3.3-gigawatt (GW) vertically integrated solar manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, India. The pact outlines Cleantech Solar's commitment to erect 150 megawatts (MW) of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and 16.8 MW of wind-generating installations in the same region.

Upon its anticipated completion by the third quarter of 2024, the solar and wind projects are forecasted to fulfill up to 70% of the facility's electricity demand. This initiative is expected to curtail nearly 7,000 kilotons of CO₂ emissions throughout the PPA's tenure. Notably, Cleantech Solar will also acquire 150 MW of advanced, locally manufactured Series 7 thin film solar panels from First Solar to fuel the solar PV segment of the agreement, scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2024.

Sujoy Ghosh, Vice President and Managing Director of First Solar, India, highlighted the company's commitment to environmental responsibility by integrating clean, renewable energy sources into their operations. Ghosh emphasized the facility's significance in setting industry benchmarks for sustainable solar manufacturing practices.

The Tamil Nadu plant, operating in a region facing substantial water stress, is projected to be the world's first net-zero water withdrawal solar manufacturing facility. Its design prioritizes minimal impact on local water resources, relying solely on tertiary treated reverse osmosis water from the city's sewage treatment plant and eliminating wastewater discharge. Additionally, the factory hosts India's inaugural photovoltaic (PV) solar recycling unit, a testament to First Solar's innovative approach to responsible production.

Cleantech Solar's Chief Executive Officer, Sachin Jain, expressed excitement about this strategic collaboration, affirming their commitment to leveraging First Solar's ultra-low carbon thin film solar panels for their solar assets. Jain emphasized their joint efforts in diversifying energy sources and promoting sustainable practices across their operations, strengthening their foothold in the renewable energy domain.

This collaboration underscores one of India's largest intra-state PPAs, contributing significantly to Cleantech Solar's renewable energy portfolio in Tamil Nadu. The ongoing projects within Cleantech Solar's renewable energy parks across the region are dedicated to offering clean, renewable energy solutions to corporate clients. The addition of First Solar's partnership further bolsters Cleantech Solar's renewable energy assets, encompassing nearly 500 MW in solar, wind, and hybrid energy projects in Tamil Nadu.


First Solar and Cleantech Solar's strategic alliance in India marks a significant leap towards sustainable, eco-efficient energy production. The long-term PPA, set to power First Solar's innovative solar manufacturing facility, epitomizes a joint commitment to reducing carbon footprints and fostering responsible energy practices. The collaboration not only enhances the sustainability quotient of both organizations but also signals a pivotal moment in India's renewable energy landscape.

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