Forging Stellar Thermals: Rooppur's Heat Symphony



In a groundbreaking feat, Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2, nestled in the heart of Bangladesh, achieves a milestone with the installation of the Passive Heat Removal System deflector. Completed in a swift two-day operation, this intricate dance involved placing heavy steel structures with precision on a spherical surface, pushing the boundaries of engineering finesse. The deflector, a stainless steel behemoth weighing 215 tons, now stands proudly at an elevation of +64.5 meters, marking a triumph for the Rooppur NPP construction project.


At the nexus of engineering marvels and nuclear prowess lies the Rooppur NPP, where recent endeavors have adorned its skyline with the monumental Passive Heat Removal System (PHRS) deflector. A symphony of steel and precision unfolded as the inner and outer components found their perch on the spherical canvas, defying gravitational challenges with a meticulous two-day ballet.

The intricacy of this operation reverberates in the fact that heavy steel structures, weighing 135 and 80 tons, delicately settled on a spherical surface, with the allowable deviation mere millimeters. The deflector, a colossal stainless steel cylinder boasting a weight of 215 tons and a diameter of approximately 25.5 meters, now stands tall at an elevation of +64.5 meters, proudly contributing to the burgeoning height of the reactor building, which reaches an impressive 74.85 meters.

A brigade of two lead geodetic engineers, a quintet of highly skilled welders, and a contingent of 42 steel structure installers orchestrated this record-setting spectacle. Alexey Deriy, Vice President of ASE JSC and Director of the Rooppur NPP construction project, lauds this achievement, setting the stage for the next act: the installation of service platforms and air ducts for the PHRS deflector.


The resonance of this accomplishment extends beyond the confines of steel and concrete. It symbolizes not just the elevation of physical structures but also the ascent of human ingenuity in the pursuit of harnessing nuclear energy. As Rooppur NPP stands taller with each engineering triumph, it becomes a beacon illuminating the path toward sustainable and efficient power generation.

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