Gigantic Swedish Wind Hydrogen Marvel

NeptunusImage Source: OX2


Renewable energy developer OX2 and Ikea's owner, Ingka Investments, have joined forces for the Neptunus wind and hydrogen hub off Sweden’s southeast coast. Featuring 207 towering wind turbines, reaching up to 420m, it aims for a total capacity of 3.1GW. The collaboration seeks to produce 370,000 metric tons of green hydrogen annually, utilizing the hydrogen electrolysis process and potentially oxygenating the Baltic Sea's depths for marine life enhancement.


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Swedish renewable energy developer OX2 and Ingka Investments, the owner of Ikea, are set to unveil the Neptunus wind and hydrogen hub off Sweden's southeast coast. Boasting a remarkable 207 colossal wind turbines, with the tallest towering at an impressive 420m, the hub aspires to achieve a substantial total installed capacity of 3.1GW. The primary objective of this joint venture is to harness the hub's capabilities for the production of green hydrogen, with a targeted output of 370,000 metric tons per year.

The innovative approach involves employing the hydrogen electrolysis process, which not only yields hydrogen but also separates water into one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Intriguingly, the spare oxygen generated in this process could potentially be injected into the depths of the Baltic Sea. This unique application aims to contribute to enhancing marine life by oxygenating the lower layers of the sea.

OX2 had initially unveiled plans for the Neptunus hub in March of the previous year, envisioning a 1.9GW capacity and a hydrogen production capability of 225,000 metric tons. Emelie Zakrisson, OX2’s head of offshore wind development, emphasizes that Neptunus represents a "next-generation" wind farm, offering a strategic solution to secure energy for sectors that cannot be easily electrified.

It is noteworthy that OX2 and Ingka Investments are concurrently involved in the development of six offshore wind farms in various locations across Sweden. These include Galene on the west coast, Triton and Neptunus in the south, Aurora between the islands of Öland and Gotland, and Pleione and Ran off the east coast of Gotland.


The Neptunus wind and hydrogen hub stands as a testament to Sweden's commitment to advancing renewable energy solutions. With a substantial capacity of 3.1GW and an ambitious plan to produce 370,000 metric tons of green hydrogen annually, this collaborative venture between OX2 and Ikea's owner, Ingka Investments, showcases the potential of next-generation wind farms. Beyond energy production, the innovative use of spare oxygen to enhance marine life in the Baltic Sea adds an eco-friendly dimension to this pioneering project, contributing to both energy sustainability and environmental well-being.

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