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Hitachi Energy, partnering with Kanonaden Entreprenad Mälardalen AB, secures a significant contract from Svenska kraftnät to bolster the
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Hitachi Energy, partnering with Kanonaden Entreprenad Mälardalen AB, secures a significant contract from Svenska kraftnät to bolster the existing 400 kV transmission line, CL26, in Sweden. The project involves installing two new 400 kV series compensation systems in Tandö, enhancing transmission capacity and voltage stability. Expected to operate by April 2026, this initiative emphasizes sustainable energy progress and grid reliability.



Hitachi Energy, in collaboration with Kanonaden Entreprenad Mälardalen AB, has announced a groundbreaking development in conjunction with Svenska kraftnät. This partnership entails the installation of advanced power quality solutions along the 400 kV transmission line, CL26, in Sweden. Specifically, two cutting-edge 400 kV series compensation systems will supersede the outdated infrastructure in Tandö, establishing new stations in Olingan and Gräsmark municipalities, namely Härjedalen and Sunne.

The primary objective of these novel series compensation systems is to ameliorate transmission capacity and fortify voltage stability within the expansive transmission network. With a comprehensive scope from design to execution, including delivery, installation, and commissioning, this project aspires to reduce downtime and environmental impact while enhancing the grid's operational efficiency. Operational forecasts indicate commencement by April 2026.

Anna Svensson, Head of Power Quality Solutions at Hitachi Energy, expressed profound enthusiasm: "Delivering state-of-the-art series compensation solutions for Svenska kraftnät epitomizes our commitment to innovation. Our teams in Västerås and Ludvika are harnessing groundbreaking technology to amplify power transmission within existing corridors."

Tobias Hansson, Country Managing Director of Hitachi Energy in Sweden, highlighted the significance of their collaboration with Svenska kraftnät, affirming their dedication to bolstering the national grid's sustainability, flexibility, and security. Emphasizing substantial investment and recruitment efforts aligned with renewable energy transition, Hitachi Energy remains steadfast in contributing to sustainable energy solutions.

Series compensation systems embedded strategically within a power grid facilitate an impressive surge in transmitted power, potentially up to 50%. This advancement not only reduces line length but also augments voltage stability, offering a more robust electrical grid. From an economic, environmental, and temporal perspective, series compensation presents advantages over commissioning entirely new power lines.


Hitachi Energy's collaboration with Svenska kraftnät marks a pivotal advancement in fortifying Sweden's transmission grid. Through innovative series compensation systems, this initiative aims to enhance power transmission capacity and voltage stability while aligning with sustainable energy practices. The anticipated project completion by April 2026 signifies a significant stride toward a more resilient and efficient electrical network.

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