Iberdrola's Hydro Dynamo Unleashed



Iberdrola achieves a significant milestone in the completion of the Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex by successfully connecting one of the Alto Tâmega hydroelectric power plant's turbines to the grid. The Alto Tâmega Dam, a towering structure, marks its prominence as the fifth highest dam in Portugal. With the complex set to be in full operation by March 2024, it enhances Portugal's hydroelectric storage capacity by 33%, supporting the nation's goal of 85% electricity from renewables by 2030.


*Powering Progress:*

Iberdrola, a key player in the energy sector, makes substantial progress in the Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex, connecting a turbine of the Alto Tâmega hydroelectric power plant to the grid. This achievement marks a pivotal step towards the complex's full operational status, contributing to Portugal's renewable energy objectives.

*Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex Overview:*

Comprising three power plants, including the Alto Tâmega Hydroelectric Power Plant, the Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex is a monumental energy initiative in Portugal. The Alto Tâmega Dam, standing at 105 meters, is a double-curvature dome dam with impressive dimensions, ranking as the fifth highest dam in the country.

*Grid Connection Milestone:*

Iberdrola's success lies in the seamless connection of the first turbine to the grid, setting the stage for the Alto Tâmega Hydroelectric Power Plant's commercial operation by March 2024. The complex's total installed capacity of 1,158 MW reinforces its position as a major player in Portugal's energy landscape.

*Decarbonizing Through Storage:*

In an era where storage capacity is crucial for a decarbonized electricity system, the Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex plays a pivotal role. The complex, operational since 2022, has already increased Portugal's hydroelectric storage capacity by 33%, providing efficient integration of renewable energy into the system.

*Hydroelectric Storage Dynamics:*

Hydroelectric storage emerges as a key technology for massive and efficient electricity storage. Rafael Chacon Llorente, Project Manager of the Complex, notes that the storage capacity increase resulted in over 60% more energy stored by pumping in 2023 compared to 2021. This dynamic capability compensates for fluctuations in wind and solar energy production.

*Contributing to Portugal's Renewable Goals:*

Portugal's ambitious renewable energy target of 85% by 2030 receives substantial support from the Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex. As the output from wind and solar plants surpasses immediate needs, the complex's pumping capabilities store excess energy, ensuring efficient energy utilization.

*Significance of the Complex:*

The Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex, with an investment exceeding €1.5 billion, stands as one of Portugal's most significant energy initiatives. Its impact goes beyond capacity, with an installed capacity of 1,158 MW and an energy reserve equivalent to the consumption of 11 million people over 24 hours.


Iberdrola's achievement in connecting the Alto Tâmega hydroelectric power plant to the grid is a testament to its commitment to advancing renewable energy. The Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex emerges as a beacon of sustainable progress, aligning with Portugal's renewable energy goals and paving the way for a greener energy future.

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