Nuclear Renaissance: France's Power Pivot

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France announces plans for an additional eight nuclear reactors, aiming to reduce reliance on fossil fuels from over 60% to 40% by 2035. Energy transition minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher emphasizes the need for a total of 13GW capacity, equivalent to eight EPR reactors. The move follows a previous commitment to expand the nuclear fleet with six EPR reactors by September 2022.


France, a global leader in nuclear energy, has set an ambitious course for a nuclear renaissance, unveiling plans for an additional eight reactors. The announcement, made by Energy Transition Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher, is motivated by the goal of reducing the country's dependence on fossil fuels, which currently constitute over 60% of its energy consumption. The minister envisions lowering this figure to 40% by 2035, marking a significant shift towards cleaner energy.

While the specific reactor type remains unspecified, Pannier-Runacher clarifies the objective of adding 13GW capacity, roughly equivalent to the power generated by eight EPR reactors. This move builds on France's commitment in September 2022 to expand its nuclear fleet with six EPR reactors, with construction slated to commence before May 2027.

In November 2023, French nuclear operator EDF expressed its intention to build reactors at a rate of up to 1.5 per year throughout the 2030s, emphasizing the nation's commitment to nuclear power as a crucial component of its energy strategy.

The minister, addressing international prospects, revealed plans to visit the Czech Republic and India. These countries are key targets for EDF, seeking contracts for reactor construction. However, stiff competition, particularly from American company Westinghouse, adds a layer of challenge to securing these international deals.

France's proactive approach to nuclear expansion aligns with its commitment to sustainable energy solutions and underscores the pivotal role nuclear power plays in its energy transition.


France's decision to build an additional eight nuclear reactors reflects a determined effort to reshape its energy landscape. With the aim of reducing reliance on fossil fuels to 40% by 2035, the government underscores the importance of nuclear power in achieving cleaner energy. The commitment to add 13GW capacity aligns with the nation's broader strategy, building on earlier plans to expand the nuclear fleet with six EPR reactors. As France ventures into international markets, securing contracts for reactor construction, it faces robust competition, especially from American counterparts. This nuclear renaissance showcases France's steadfast commitment to nuclear energy as a cornerstone of its sustainable and resilient energy future.

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