Petrofac Spearheads Aramis: Netherlands' CCS Flagship

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Petrofac initiates a multi-million-dollar front-end-engineering design for Aramis, the Netherlands’ primary carbon capture and storage initiative. Collaborating with industry leaders, the project aims to capture and store up to 22 million metric tons of CO₂ annually, marking a crucial step in achieving EU decarbonization targets and the Dutch Climate Agreement.



Petrofac, a key player in energy transition initiatives, has commenced a significant endeavor by undertaking the front-end-engineering design (FEED) for Aramis, the prominent carbon capture and storage (CCS) system in the Netherlands. This project serves as a pivotal element in the pursuit of the European Union's decarbonization objectives, outlined in the European Green Deal, and the Dutch Climate Agreement.

Aramis, a collaborative effort led by TotalEnergies, Shell, Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN), and Gasunie, holds the promise of transforming hard-to-abate industrial sectors in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France by capturing carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions. The plan involves transporting this captured CO₂ to depleted offshore gas fields beneath the North Sea for permanent storage.

The envisioned route comprises capturing CO₂ from industrial clusters and transporting it to the Port of Rotterdam, utilizing onshore pipelines or ships. At this collection hub, the CO₂ undergoes temporary storage and compression before embarking on its journey via a specially designed 32” CO₂ trunkline. This pipeline, equipped to handle up to 22 million metric tons of CO₂ annually, leads to various offshore facilities where the CO₂ will be injected into depleted gas reservoirs, located several kilometers under the seabed.

Petrofac's involvement encompasses a comprehensive design scope, overseeing the CO₂ trunkline, the CO₂ pipeline connecting the distribution hub to the storage facility, and essential control and safety systems. The project involves collaborations with partners Peritus International and Offshore Independents, with Petrofac's Woking hub in the UK serving as the primary execution center.

John Pearson, Petrofac's Chief Operating Officer for Energy Transition Projects, emphasized the company's dedication to supporting clients in developing infrastructure for CCS initiatives. He highlighted Aramis as a critical project in the European Union's sustainability roadmap and expressed pride in Petrofac's role in advancing these goals.


Petrofac's involvement in spearheading the Aramis project underscores its commitment to driving sustainable solutions within the energy sector. The initiative, a cornerstone in the EU's decarbonization efforts, showcases collaborative industry efforts to combat climate change and marks a significant stride towards achieving ambitious carbon reduction targets.

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