Q-Zero Alliance: Galán's Call for Rapid Renewables Revolution



Iberdrola's Chairman, Ignacio Galán, emphasizes urgency in tripling renewables and cutting fossil fuel use by 2030 during the launch of the Q-Zero Alliance for decarbonization. In an interview with Onda Cero, Galán advocates collaborative efforts for global decarbonization, citing the benefits of stable prices, job creation, and improved health. He challenges the misconception that energy equals electricity and defends the polluter pays principle. Galán critiques the slow pace of climate action, urging swift renewable expansion and reduced fossil fuel consumption to avert climate crisis.


*Galán's Vision for Q-Zero Alliance:*

Ignacio Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola, outlines a compelling vision for the Q-Zero Alliance during an interview on Onda Cero. Emphasizing the critical need for rapid action, Galán urges a threefold increase in renewables and decreased reliance on fossil fuels by 2030. The Q-Zero Alliance emerges as a strategic response to the global call for decarbonization and emission reduction.

*Collaborative Decarbonization:*

Galán advocates a collaborative approach, uniting producers, consumers, and managers in a shared effort to combat climate change. He underscores the importance of global cooperation, stating, "Together we can achieve it. Separately, it will be much more difficult." Galán dismisses the idea of a war against each other, framing it as an alliance to achieve common decarbonization goals.

*Triple Benefits for Citizens:*

Decarbonization, according to Galán, promises three main benefits for citizens. Firstly, stable energy prices will result from increased indigenous renewable production, reducing dependence on imports. Secondly, the transition will give rise to new industries and higher-quality jobs, with over 36 million jobs already linked to the energy transition. Lastly, improved air quality resulting from decarbonization will positively impact public health.

*Energy vs. Electricity:*

Addressing misconceptions, Galán clarifies that "energy is not electricity." He emphasizes that 80% of current energy consumption is not electricity but derived from gas, coal, or oil. He defends electricity companies as a solution rather than a problem, advocating for recognizing those contributing positively to the energy transition.

*Optimism Amidst Climate Concerns:*

Galán acknowledges the slow pace of climate action but remains optimistic. He stresses the need to triple renewables and reduce fossil fuel consumption to avert climate crisis. Criticizing "greenwashing," Galán highlights the importance of tangible actions over mere claims of environmental responsibility.

*Challenges and Principles:*

Discussing the taxation of energy companies, Galán defends the polluter pays principle. He urges differentiation, stating, "You can't lump everyone together." He criticizes the misattribution of blame to electricity companies during crises and emphasizes the role of renewables and storage in addressing volatility.

*Call for Swift Action:*

Expressing concern about the pace of climate change, Galán calls for swift action. While acknowledging the nearness to expected 2050 temperature levels, he believes tripling renewables by 2030 offers a solution. He criticizes the emergence of "greenwashing," where claims of environmental efforts do not align with actual actions.


Ignacio Galán's clarion call for swift renewables expansion and reduced fossil fuel consumption through the Q-Zero Alliance emphasizes the urgency of global decarbonization. As he navigates challenges, defends principles, and remains optimistic, Galán positions Iberdrola at the forefront of a transformative journey toward a cleaner, sustainable energy future.

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