Reliance's Green Vision: A Sustainable Shift

Reliance commits to carbon neutrality by 2035, focusing on New Energy solutions. The company plans a holistic approach,
Mukesh Ambani
Mukesh AmbaniImage Source: RIL


Reliance commits to carbon neutrality by 2035, focusing on New Energy solutions. The company plans a holistic approach, emphasizing Circular Economy principles and advanced materials. With a $10 billion investment, Reliance aims to pioneer India's move from energy importer to exporter, providing affordable, clean energy while contributing to global sustainability.



Reliance, under the leadership of Chairman Mukesh Ambani, charts a transformative path towards carbon neutrality by 2035. Central to this mission is the New Energy initiative, a pivotal strategy to achieve net-zero carbon status by actively investing in sustainable energy solutions and fostering partnerships. The ambitious objective aims to position Reliance as a leader in New Energy and New Materials on a global scale while significantly impacting India's energy landscape.

The company's vision encompasses a paradigm shift towards Carbon Recycle and Circular Economy principles, intending to establish an integrated manufacturing ecosystem with robust, self-sufficient supply chains. This strategic pivot leverages advanced and specialty materials, aiming to tackle India's 'Energy trilemma'—balancing affordability, sustainability, and security—by prioritizing the production of green energy.

Reliance's emphasis on indigenous technology ownership and manufacturing capabilities aligns with its goal to transform India from an energy importer to an exporter. The company's 15-year roadmap positions Reliance as a premier player in the New Energy and New Materials sector, presenting a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity for both India and the global energy market.

Chairman Mukesh Ambani underscores this initiative as more than just a business venture; it's a service (seva) aimed at safeguarding the planet from the adverse impacts of climate change. The investment of over $10 billion in building a comprehensive New Energy and New Materials ecosystem in India underscores Reliance's commitment to a sustainable future.

Reliance's New Energy portfolio encompasses a diverse mix of reliable, clean, and affordable energy solutions, including hydrogen, wind, solar, fuel cells, and batteries. By ensuring an optimal blend of energy alternatives, Reliance seeks to pave the way for India to lead in the green energy revolution, addressing the global energy divide.


Reliance's ambitious venture into New Energy and New Materials not only aligns with India's energy transformation but also echoes a global call for sustainable practices. Through significant investments, a circular economy approach, and a commitment to affordable clean energy, Reliance sets a precedent in fostering a greener, more sustainable future for India and beyond.

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