Renaissance of Power: Robbia Plant's Resurgence Unleashes Energy

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After a year and a half of dormancy, the Robbia power plant reawakens as the first of its three machine groups synchronizes with the power grid. The successful trial operation marks a pivotal moment in the plant's comprehensive renewal, scheduled for full electricity production from June 2024. With an investment exceeding $125 million, Repower's ambitious project aims to boost the plant's annual output by ten percent, reaching around 120 GWh. The grand reopening is slated for August, signifying a triumph in the plant's rejuvenation journey.


In a triumphant revival, the Robbia power plant breaks its silence after a hiatus of eighteen months. The initial machine group, following meticulous tests and synchronization with the power grid, has embarked on trial operation, heralding a significant stride in the plant's complete renewal.

The comprehensive rejuvenation of the Robbia power plant, a colossal undertaking initiated by Repower in the summer of 2020, recently achieved a critical milestone. The first machine group successfully synchronized with the power grid, with the turbine's inaugural rotation under the force of water from the balbalera pipeline. Michael Roth, Head of Production & Grid at Repower, emphasizes the significance, stating that the initial kilowatt-hour production signals the plant's holistic functionality.

Buoyed by the success of the trial operation, the first machine group has transitioned into full-fledged trial operation, setting the stage for the gradual activation of the two remaining machine groups over the next few months. As per the plan, the triumvirate of machine groups is anticipated to achieve maximum electricity production capacity by June 2024, marking a remarkable turnaround for the Robbia power plant.

The ambitious renewal project, commanding an investment of approximately $125 million, stands as Repower's most extensive revitalization effort to date. Tiziano Crameri, the project manager, expresses confidence and satisfaction in the progress made over nearly four years of intensive work. The grand reopening, scheduled for the end of August, will be a momentous occasion, symbolizing not just the renewal of machinery but the reinvigoration of energy production capabilities.

Upon completion of the overhaul, the Robbia power plant is poised to witness a ten percent surge in its annual electricity production, reaching approximately 120 GWh. This enhancement aligns with Repower's commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions and contributing to the region's power grid with increased vigor.


The Robbia power plant's reawakening signifies more than the revival of machinery; it heralds a new era of energy abundance. Repower's meticulous renewal efforts, backed by a substantial investment, showcase a commitment to innovation and sustainability. As the plant gears up for full operation in June 2024, the anticipated surge in electricity production reinforces the plant's pivotal role in bolstering the region's power grid. The grand reopening in August will not only celebrate a technical triumph but also underscore Repower's dedication to shaping a greener and more energy-efficient future.

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