Renewable Horizon: TotalEnergies & European Energy's Wind Symphony

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TotalEnergies, a global multi-energy maestro, has inked a celestial pact with European Energy to dance with the winds in three Nordic realms. The accord unfolds the acquisition of stakes in the ethereal Jammerland Bugt and Lillebaelt South wind projects, fostering a crescendo of 405 MW of offshore wind power in Denmark. The duet extends beyond Denmark, orchestrating a joint venture for monumental offshore wind projects in Sweden and Finland, a testament to their shared commitment to the green cause.


In the realm of renewable aspirations, TotalEnergies, a luminary in the global energy tableau, takes center stage alongside European Energy, a virtuoso in the orchestration of renewable projects. Their collaboration, akin to a harmonious symphony, unfolds a saga of offshore wind projects that transcend geographical boundaries.

The ballet commences in Denmark, where TotalEnergies acquires an 85% equity stake in the poetic Jammerland Bugt offshore wind project (240 MW) and a 72.2% equity stake in the melodic Lillebaelt South nearshore wind project (165 MW). These projects, akin to musical notes, are part of the Danish Energy Agency's confirmation, promising exclusivity and grid connection permits.

The melody extends beyond Denmark, as the virtuosos embark on a joint venture to compose new large-scale offshore wind projects in the poetic landscapes of Sweden and Finland. The composition aims to leverage TotalEnergies' prowess in large-scale projects and market outreach, harmonizing with European Energy's proven track record in greenfield project development.

This harmonious collaboration echoes a prior agreement inked in September 2023, where TotalEnergies and European Energy set the stage for onshore renewable projects. Vincent Stoquart, Senior Vice President, Renewables at TotalEnergies, expresses delight in expanding their collaboration, aligning with the strategy of developing cost-competitive renewable projects in merchant countries.

Knud Erik Andersen, Group CEO at European Energy, echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the partnership's role in accelerating the renewable energy transition in Northern Europe. The collaboration, he believes, not only fortifies their position in the renewable energy sector but also underscores their commitment to sustainable development and energy independence in Europe.


As the curtains fall on this renewable symphony, the partnership between TotalEnergies and European Energy emerges as a harmonious ode to a sustainable future. The wind projects in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, akin to musical notes, echo the melody of progress and commitment to a green, resilient tomorrow.

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