Repsol's Sigma: Sparking Andalusia's Renewables"**

Repsol's Sigma
Repsol's Sigma


Repsol's Sigma initiative, comprising five solar plants in Jerez de la Frontera, kickstarts renewable electricity production in Andalusia. With a €150 million investment and a 204 MW capacity, the project aids 43,000 homes, curbing 191,000 metric tons of CO₂ yearly, showcasing Repsol's commitment to renewables' rapid expansion.



Repsol has initiated its first renewable project, Sigma, in Andalusia, encompassing five solar plants situated in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. These plants, known as Arco 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, collectively form the Sigma project and boast a combined installed capacity of 204 MW.

The substantial investment of nearly €150 million has facilitated the swift connection of these five plants to the grid, marking the commencement of their commissioning phase. Their annual production of 430 GWh of renewable energy will cater to the energy needs of approximately 43,000 households. This eco-friendly power output will effectively mitigate the emission of 191,000 metric tons of CO₂ annually.

The Sigma project has been instrumental in job creation, offering employment to over 500 individuals during its construction phase. Acknowledging its significance, the Regional Government of Andalusia has designated it a business investment of strategic interest. This recognition underscores its potential to contribute to the region's socioeconomic growth and aligns with sustainable development objectives at European, state, and autonomous community levels.

Repsol's Sigma marks the company's progressive leap into renewable energy endeavors. This initiative stands as the third solar photovoltaic project operationalized by Repsol in Spain, joining Valdesolar in Valdecaballeros and Kappa in Manzanares. Presently boasting 2,041 MW of wind, solar, and hydroelectric power in Spain, Repsol aims to reach a staggering 6 GW installed capacity by 2025.

The successful implementation of Sigma reinforces Repsol's commitment to renewable energy expansion. With projects underway in various countries, including the United States, Chile, Portugal, and Italy, Repsol plans to develop select assets from its extensive 60 GW portfolio over the next decade.


Repsol's Sigma marks a pivotal milestone in Andalusia's renewable energy journey. By launching this significant initiative, Repsol demonstrates its dedication to amplifying renewable electricity generation, curbing carbon emissions, and contributing substantially to regional economic growth. This project not only fulfills immediate energy needs but also aligns with Repsol's broader strategic objective of global renewable capacity expansion.

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