Revolutionizing Grids: Hitachi's Digital Substation Leap



Hitachi Energy unveils the SAM600 3.0, a cutting-edge process interface unit, heralding a new era for digital substations. This modular marvel consolidates functionalities, offering unparalleled flexibility as a merging unit, switchgear control unit, or a dynamic fusion of both. With streamlined engineering and heightened sustainability, it propels utilities towards digitalization, promising enhanced safety, reduced costs, and a smaller carbon footprint.


In the realm of power infrastructure evolution, Hitachi Energy emerges as a pioneer, introducing the SAM600 3.0, a transformative process interface unit (PIU) poised to redefine the landscape of digital substations. This all-encompassing device, a testament to Hitachi's commitment to innovation, consolidates three units within its compact frame, signaling a paradigm shift in substation technology.

The SAM600 3.0 stands as a versatile powerhouse, capable of metamorphosing into a merging unit, a switchgear control unit, or a dynamic amalgamation of both functionalities. This flexibility transcends traditional substation configurations, providing utilities with a single device to engineer, wire up, test, and commission. The result? A seismic boost in device flexibility, maintainability, and a noteworthy reduction in the carbon footprint associated with substation operations.

As a merging unit, SAM600 facilitates the swift transition of conventional substations into the digital realm. Acting as a bridge, it deftly converts analog signals, digitally disseminating critical current and voltage information throughout the substation and to the control center. The advantages of digital substations are manifold — heightened safety, diminished capital costs, minimized physical footprint, and an overall enhancement in sustainability, reliability, and productivity.

In its role as a switchgear control unit, SAM600 establishes a direct interface with circuit breakers, disconnectors, and earthing switches in the field. This strategic positioning significantly reduces wiring requirements to the control building, offering an IEC 61850 digital interface for efficient operation and monitoring of equipment.

Claus Vetter, Head of Automation and Communication at Hitachi Energy, emphasizes the significance of this innovation, stating, "As the complexity and dynamics of power generation, transmission, and distribution continue to grow, modern digital substations provide the control and efficiency needed to address these challenges. The new SAM600 helps operators extend the life of their existing assets, delivering much-needed investment protection and new levels of system performance."

The SAM600 3.0 introduces an array of features, including state-of-the-art redundant communication architectures, compliance with industry standards such as IEC 61850 Ed 2.1 and IEC 61869, and a modular hardware architecture adaptable to diverse application needs. Its integrated disturbance recorder, high level of security, and user-friendly browser-based interface further contribute to its allure.


Hitachi Energy's SAM600 3.0 emerges not merely as a technological marvel but as a catalyst for ushering utilities into a digital future. With sustainability at its core, this innovation propels the energy sector towards a more resilient, flexible, and secure paradigm, laying the foundation for a transformative era in power infrastructure.

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