Revolutionizing Waste: SJI & Captona's Mega-RNG Venture

Linden Renewable Energy
Linden Renewable EnergyImage Source: ROI NJ


SJI, Captona, and RNG Energy Solutions join forces to erect the Linden Renewable Energy (LRE) Project, a colossal food waste-to-renewable natural gas (RNG) initiative. This pioneering endeavor, located in Linden, NJ, transforms organic waste into pipeline-quality RNG, advancing clean energy objectives for New Jersey and the wider region, with Elizabethtown Gas customers set to benefit from this sustainable energy source.


In a bold move towards advancing clean energy initiatives, SJI, in collaboration with Captona and RNG Energy Solutions, has unveiled plans for the Linden Renewable Energy (LRE) Project. This ambitious venture, slated to become one of the largest food waste-to-renewable natural gas (RNG) projects in the United States, represents a significant stride in sustainable energy production for the NJ/NY region.

A pioneering development, the LRE Project will directly harness organic waste, sourced from diverse industrial, commercial, and institutional entities, and transform it into high-quality RNG. This renewable natural gas will serve as a viable alternative to fossil fuels, effectively reducing the carbon footprint across various applications.

Notably, Elizabethtown Gas, a primary utility subsidiary of SJI, will integrate the RNG produced by the LRE Project into its existing natural gas distribution network. This marks a groundbreaking endeavor where utility customers are directly connected to a New Jersey-based RNG producer, fostering a sustainable energy ecosystem within the region.

The LRE Project boasts impressive potential, with the capacity to convert up to 1,475 metric tons of waste, yielding an estimated 3,783MMBtu/day of RNG. This transformative energy output mirrors the energy equivalent of 30,200 gallons of gasoline daily, contributing significantly to the region's sustainable energy requirements.

Mike Renna, President and CEO of SJI, expressed enthusiasm about this flagship project, highlighting its multifaceted benefits. "The Linden Renewable Energy facility embodies our commitment to repurpose food waste, generate renewable energy for customer benefit, and drive environmental stewardship," he commented, emphasizing SJI's dedication to a sustainable future.

Izzet Bensusan, Founder and CEO of Captona, echoed similar sentiments, recognizing the substantial impact of this investment in reducing emissions and repurposing food waste, emphasizing the project's pivotal role in fostering sustainable practices.

Leveraging proven technology and strategic partnerships, the LRE Project has garnered significant support from various stakeholders, including Phoenix Power Group and waste haulers from New York City and New Jersey, aligning with regional organic waste diversion mandates.

The City of Linden, a host community for the project, has shown staunch support, appreciating the investment and job opportunities while emphasizing the long-term sustainability of the waste management solution. Additionally, the project presents a cost-effective, low-carbon approach to managing organic waste within the metropolitan region, catering to millions of residents and aligning with stringent waste diversion regulations.

The project secured essential financial backing through a consortium of lenders led by Investec Bank plc, enabling the commencement of construction this month with an anticipated completion by Q1 2026.


The collaborative effort between SJI, Captona, and RNG Energy Solutions represents a pivotal milestone in sustainable energy endeavors. The Linden Renewable Energy (LRE) Project not only champions renewable natural gas production from organic waste but also showcases a visionary approach towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future for the NJ/NY region.

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