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Senegal: VINCI's Techno-Weave of Power Progress


In a groundbreaking €200 million contract, VINCI Energies collaborates with Senelec to construct 1,350 km of transmission lines and 8 very-high-voltage transformer stations in Senegal. The three-year project, with French financial backing, aims to enhance grid management and bring electricity to thousands of homes. Employing over 1,000 people, the initiative includes training local teams to ensure sustainable energy capacity and universal access to electricity by 2026.



In the sun-kissed expanse of Senegal, a symphony of progress is poised to unfold as VINCI Energies embarks on a transformative venture. Teaming up with Senelec, the €200 million contract signifies a pivotal moment in the nation's electrification narrative. Over the next three years, the ambitious project will weave 1,350 km of transmission lines and erect eight very-high-voltage transformer stations, ushering in a new era of energy accessibility.

This colossal endeavor not only promises infrastructural marvels but also embraces a commitment to local empowerment. With over 1,000 individuals contributing to the project, the initiative becomes a beacon of employment and skill development. Moreover, VINCI Energies envisions a transfer of knowledge, with French and Moroccan subsidiaries providing invaluable support to the local teams, fostering a legacy of sustainable expertise.

The symphony of progress extends beyond physical structures. The grid management system, a vital nerve center, undergoes augmentation. Innovations such as remote operational control and defect detection mechanisms for overhead and underground power lines infuse efficiency into the very heartbeat of Senegal's burgeoning energy network.

Crucially, this project aligns with Senegal's broader vision for energy evolution. A pivotal component in the nation's blueprint for 2026 involves fortifying the transmission and distribution grid. The objective is clear - not just to meet the energy needs of today but to secure a sustainable and universally accessible power landscape for the future.

As the sun sets on each day of diligent labor, the tapestry of progress woven by VINCI Energies in Senegal speaks of more than just infrastructure. It resonates with a promise — a promise of brighter homes, empowered communities, and a nation surging towards an electrified tomorrow.



Senegal's odyssey towards electrification finds a steadfast ally in VINCI Energies. The completion of this €200 million endeavor stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts shaping the nation's energy future. Beyond the wires and transformer stations, the project symbolizes empowerment, knowledge transfer, and a commitment to a sustainable energy landscape. Senegal's journey towards universal access to electricity is not just a project; it's a symphony of progress, harmonized by VINCI Energies for a brighter and more empowered future.

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