Solar Synergy: First Solar's Ohio Expansion

First Solar
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First Solar, Inc. acquires a sprawling 1.2 million square foot facility in Troy Township, Ohio, aiming to transform it into a strategic distribution center. This move aligns with First Solar's plans to enhance logistics capabilities, ensuring seamless module shipments as its Ohio manufacturing capacity expands to nearly 7 gigawatts. The facility may evolve into a versatile satellite manufacturing hub, contributing to the company's ambitious cost reduction roadmap and sustainability goals.


In a strategic move, First Solar, Inc., a pioneering solar technology company, has acquired a substantial 1.2 million square foot facility in Troy Township, Ohio. The facility, formerly known as Peloton Output Park, is set to undergo a transformative journey into a cutting-edge distribution center, playing a pivotal role in optimizing the logistical landscape for First Solar's growing manufacturing footprint.

The acquisition comes at a pivotal moment as First Solar gears up to amplify its Ohio manufacturing capacity by nearly a gigawatt in the coming year. The Ohio facilities, collectively boasting an annual nameplate capacity of around 6 gigawatts by the end of 2023, position First Solar as a major player in the solar technology domain.

Mike Koralewski, Chief Supply Chain Officer of First Solar, highlights the necessity for synchronized growth in logistics and distribution to match the company's manufacturing trajectory. The repurposed facility is envisioned as a dedicated distribution hub, strategically positioned to cater to the heightened demand for solar modules. This forward-thinking approach aims not only to streamline logistics operations but also to contribute to First Solar's overarching cost reduction roadmap.

Koralewski envisions the facility as a dynamic space, adaptable to future needs. Beyond its role as a distribution center, the flexible layout opens doors to the possibility of it serving as a light-scale satellite manufacturing location. This prospect aligns with First Solar's commitment to innovation and sustainability, potentially supporting existing factories and the Research and Development center in Ohio.

Amidst its Ohio expansion, First Solar is set to invest over $2 billion in new manufacturing facilities in Alabama and Louisiana, reinforcing its commitment to advancing solar technology. The company envisions achieving a fully vertically integrated US solar manufacturing capacity of 14 gigawatts by 2026. Additionally, a dedicated R&D innovation center in Perrysburg, Ohio, with an investment of up to $370 million, is on track for completion in 2024.


First Solar's acquisition of the Troy Township facility marks a strategic leap forward in fortifying its logistical prowess amid burgeoning manufacturing capabilities. The metamorphosis of the facility into a distribution hub not only addresses immediate needs but aligns seamlessly with the company's long-term vision of sustainability and innovation. As First Solar embarks on this transformative journey, the Ohio expansion becomes a beacon of progress, blending efficiency, adaptability, and environmental responsibility.

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