"Statkraft and ALPLA Ink Long-Term Renewable Energy Agreements

Statkraft, the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe, and ALPLA, an international packaging manufacturer, have solidified their collaboration by signing two long-term power
Statkraft ALPLA
Statkraft ALPLA

Statkraft, the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe, and ALPLA, an international packaging manufacturer, have solidified their collaboration by signing two long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) for wind and solar energy. These agreements, spanning a decade and with an annual volume of 76 GWh, signify a significant step towards sustainability and stability in the packaging sector.

The green electricity, generated from a combination of six solar parks and one wind farm in Statkraft's renewable energy portfolio, ensures a consistent supply of electricity throughout the year. With a total installed capacity of approximately 40 MW for the solar parks in Bavaria and 16.8 MW for the wind farm in Schleswig-Holstein, the partnership between Statkraft and ALPLA will enable the sustainable conversion of around 100,000 tonnes of plastic into packaging solutions annually.

Patrick Koch, Head of Origination in Germany, highlights the tailored approach taken by Statkraft, combining selected plants and generation technologies to offer customized PPA solutions for the energy-intensive packaging sector. The long-term nature of the agreement provides ALPLA with planning security, shielding them from the volatility of electricity market prices. This collaboration exemplifies the success of PPAs in the packaging sector and underlines Statkraft's position as a leading provider of such agreements.

Georg Pescher, Managing Director of ALPLA Germany, emphasizes the expansion of their renewable energy portfolio, which will enable them to cover over 70% of their energy consumption with renewable sources from 2024 onwards. This commitment aligns with ALPLA's philosophy of being a reliable and trustworthy partner for sustainable packaging. Furthermore, it contributes to the expansion of renewable energy capacity in Germany, while also supporting ALPLA's goal of drastically reducing its CO2 footprint.

ALPLA's dedication to reducing its environmental impact led to the commitment to significantly decrease its CO2 footprint and energy consumption. By purchasing renewable energy, the company takes a crucial step towards achieving this goal. These power supply agreements will save approximately 32,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to around 21,000 direct flights between Frankfurt and San Francisco.

Statkraft, known for its development, operation, and marketing of hydroelectric power plants, solar, and wind farms in Germany and across Europe, supports industrial customers in their sustainability and climate goals through green energy solutions. The financing of new renewable energy projects and the continued operation of existing plants are made possible through PPAs. By partnering with ALPLA, Statkraft extends its customer base in the packaging segment, reinforcing its commitment to driving sustainable change.

ALPLA, with a global presence and expertise in plastic packaging production and recycling, operates recycling plants in multiple countries. Their focus on producing quality packaging for diverse applications, including food and beverages, cosmetics, household cleaners, and pharmaceuticals, aligns with their commitment to sustainability and circular economy principles.

Through this collaboration, Statkraft and ALPLA demonstrate their shared vision of a sustainable future, where renewable energy plays a pivotal role in reducing environmental impact and ensuring the long-term viability of packaging solutions.

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