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Red John Pumped Storage Hydro
Red John Pumped Storage HydroImage Source: RJPSH


Statkraft, Europe's largest renewable power generator, acquires the Red John Pumped Storage Hydro Scheme from Intelligent Land Investments Group. This 450MW project, approved in 2021, fortifies Statkraft's commitment to Scotland's renewable energy goals and enhances the UK's energy security by capturing and storing surplus renewable energy.



In a significant move towards fortifying Scotland's renewable energy aspirations, Statkraft, Europe's foremost renewable power generator, has struck a deal to acquire the Red John Pumped Storage Hydro Scheme from Intelligent Land Investments Group (ILI). This acquisition marks a pivotal step in Statkraft's commitment to bolstering Scotland's renewable energy targets and bolstering the UK's energy security landscape.

Situated approximately 14km southwest of Inverness, the Red John scheme, with its 450MW capacity, secured approval from Scottish Government ministers in June 2021. This strategic investment underscores Statkraft's dedication to harnessing surplus renewable energy and preserving it until required, effectively contributing to the stability of Great Britain's electricity network as it pivots away from fossil fuels.

Pending final investment decisions, this expansive renewable energy infrastructure endeavor is poised to provide substantial employment opportunities during construction and establish permanent local jobs once operational.

With roots dating back more than 125 years in Norway, Statkraft boasts Europe's largest portfolio of electricity produced from hydropower. Alongside over 350 hydropower plants, the company operates multiple pumped storage plants in Norway and Germany and owns Rheidol, a hydropower plant in Wales.

Renowned for its expertise in diverse technologies such as wind, solar, grid stability, hydropower, battery storage, and green hydrogen, Statkraft has a substantial presence in Scotland. The company operates several wind farms, maintains a headquarters in Glasgow, and operates the Keith Greener Grid Park in Moray. Additionally, Statkraft is actively involved in various ongoing projects in Scotland, which collectively represent potential future capital investments exceeding £2 billion.

Intelligent Land Investments Group (ILI), a prominent clean energy development firm based in Hamilton, Scotland, spearheaded the development of the Red John Pumped Storage Hydro project. This strategic acquisition by Statkraft signifies a mutual vision for leveraging Scotland's hydro potential and advancing the nation's renewable energy landscape.

Kevin O'Donovan, Statkraft's UK Managing Director, emphasized the critical role of the acquired pumped hydro storage scheme in fortifying the UK's energy security and facilitating the nation's transition to a net-zero future. O'Donovan also highlighted the necessity for robust government support to ensure the project's successful progression.

ILI's CEO, Mark Wilson, acknowledged the dedication of the involved teams and expressed confidence in Statkraft's capability to realize the potential of the Red John project. Wilson urged the UK Government to institute support mechanisms for long-duration storage, advocating for the UK's leadership in achieving net-zero through renewable energy coupled with energy storage.


Statkraft's acquisition of the Red John Pumped Storage Hydro Scheme exemplifies a significant stride towards Scotland's renewable energy goals and bolsters the UK's energy security. Collaborative efforts between Statkraft and ILI underscore the potential of pumped storage hydro projects in contributing billions to the economy and fostering employment opportunities while championing a greener, sustainable energy transition.

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