Symbiotic Winds: EDF Renewables & Deep Wind Offshore Collaboration

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Renewable energy giants, EDF Renewables and Deep Wind Offshore, fortify their offshore wind collaboration in Norway. Initially partnering on the Utsira Nord tender, the consortium now aims for the 2025 auction round. With EDF Renewables' extensive offshore expertise and Deep Wind Offshore's local roots, the collaboration aligns with Norway's ambition to double power production, reaching 30 GW of offshore wind by 2040.


In a remarkable continuation of their synergy, EDF Renewables and Deep Wind Offshore are extending their collaborative efforts in the burgeoning field of offshore wind in Norway. The initial venture saw them strategically engaging in the Utsira Nord tender, and now, this formidable consortium sets its sights on the upcoming 2025 auction round.

EDF Renewables, a prominent player in the renewable energy landscape, brings over a decade of experience in constructing and operating offshore wind farms to the Norwegian market. The company boasts achievements such as installing France's first offshore wind farm at Saint-Nazaire and pioneering one of the world's initial floating wind farms, Provence Grand Large.

As a 100% subsidiary of the globally influential EDF group, EDF Renewables aligns with the aspirations of the state-owned giant, contributing significantly to the world's largest low-carbon electricity producer.

Deep Wind Offshore, backed by over a century of expertise in renewable power generation, electricity transmission, and maritime operations, carries a robust foundation. Owned by Haugaland Kraft, Sunnhordland Kraftlag, and Knutsen Group, the company is deeply rooted in local municipalities, ensuring a development ethos centered around the community. Headquartered in Haugesund, Deep Wind Offshore is primed to contribute significantly to Norway's renewable energy goals.

The agreement signed between EDF Renewables and Deep Wind Offshore serves as a proactive step towards supporting Norway's ambitious targets. With the goal of doubling power production, including an allocation of 30 GW of offshore wind production by 2040, the collaboration becomes a pivotal force in steering Norway towards a sustainable and greener future.

Bruno Bensasson, CEO of EDF Renewables, emphasizes the fruitful collaboration with Deep Wind Offshore over the past two years. Together, they bring forth a combination of reputation, experience, and intrinsic local knowledge, fostering offshore wind projects that not only generate power but also create value for the local community.

Knut Vassbotn, CEO of Deep Wind Offshore, expresses pride in introducing EDF Renewables to the Norwegian offshore wind market and eagerly extends their collaboration. The partnership has proven to be value-adding, merging complementary expertise and knowledge. The consortium is resolutely committed to contributing to Norway's offshore wind targets, starting with a successful Utsira Nord bid and progressing to the 2025 auction round.

Jan Christian Vestre, Minister of Trade and Industry, commends the collaboration as a prime example of the benefits derived from French and Norwegian companies working in unison. Highlighting the synergy between EDF Renewables and Deep Wind Offshore since 2021, Vestre wishes them success in this next chapter.


The extended collaboration between EDF Renewables and Deep Wind Offshore stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships in the renewable energy sector. As Norway strives to double its power production and expand offshore wind capabilities, this consortium emerges as a driving force. With a shared commitment to community value, sustainable practices, and meeting ambitious targets, EDF Renewables and Deep Wind Offshore are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping Norway's energy landscape. The ongoing partnership signifies not only a step towards a greener future but also a model for international collaboration in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

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