TAQA & Kraken: Energizing Decarbonization in Partnership

TAQA and Octopus Energy Group's Kraken Technologies join forces to introduce a pilot initiative aiming for net-zero emissions and enhanced
Kraken Technologies
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TAQA and Octopus Energy Group's Kraken Technologies join forces to introduce a pilot initiative aiming for net-zero emissions and enhanced customer service across the UAE's power and water utilities. The collaboration explores expanding their partnership globally via a potential joint venture and the establishment of an innovation hub in Abu Dhabi. This move intends to accelerate digitalization and excellence in the utilities industry while prioritizing the energy transition.



A strategic collaboration between Kraken Technologies, a division of Octopus Energy Group, and TAQA, the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, has been initiated to introduce a groundbreaking pilot project. The venture targets trialing the Kraken platform within TAQA's power and water customer operations in the UAE. This endeavor aligns with TAQA's focus on elevating operational efficiency, digitalization, and customer service excellence.

The alliance emphasizes joint aspirations, intending to establish a joint venture (JV) that extends the reach of Kraken's innovative technology across the Middle East, Europe, and global territories. This proposed venture envisions creating a Center of Excellence and Innovation in Abu Dhabi, fostering local capabilities and spearheading innovation within the region.

Kraken Technologies, an integral part of Octopus Energy Group, pioneers the Kraken platform, revolutionizing energy system connectivity, renewable energy management, and customer service delivery for utilities, including water and broadband services.

TAQA, unveiling its new growth targets for 2030, underscores an international expansion focus within its Transmission and Distribution business. The potential JV aims to explore investment prospects leveraging Kraken's technology deployment.

The pilot project aims to assess the Kraken platform's efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and its role in fostering a smarter, cleaner energy system. The collaboration's ultimate goal is to establish a regional innovation hub in Abu Dhabi, reinforcing local capabilities and excellence within the utilities sector.

Greg Jackson, Octopus Energy Group's Founder, emphasizes the collaborative approach to accelerate the energy revolution through technology and innovation, targeting enhanced customer service and faster clean energy adoption globally.

Jasim Husain Thabet, TAQA’s Group CEO and Managing Director, highlights the potential to drive digitalization, operational excellence, and future expansion possibilities through the pilot. The initiative seeks to establish a local innovation hub, contributing to advancing industry capabilities within the UAE.


The TAQA and Kraken partnership heralds a pioneering initiative to test the Kraken platform's capabilities within UAE's utilities. This strategic collaboration paves the way for potential joint ventures and an innovation hub in Abu Dhabi, aiming to bolster digitalization, operational excellence, and the energy transition across the region and beyond.

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