TotalEnergies Propels Mero Field's Growth"

TotalEnergies launches Mero field's second phase, boosting production to 180,000 barrels/day. The Sepetiba FPSO
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TotalEnergies launches Mero field's second phase, boosting production to 180,000 barrels/day. The Sepetiba FPSO minimizes emissions with zero routine flaring, reinjecting associated gas. Mero's full capacity of 410,000 b/d will include phases Mero-3 and Mero-4 by 2025, contributing significantly to TotalEnergies' daily share of 100,000 barrels.



TotalEnergies has initiated the second development phase, labeled "Mero-2," within the Mero field situated on the Libra block, over 180 kilometers off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the Santos Basin's pre-salt region.

This phase, authorized in June 2019, introduces the Sepetiba FPSO (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading unit), geared to produce 180,000 barrels of oil per day (b/d). Notably, the FPSO's design prioritizes zero routine flaring, an approach aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions by reinjecting associated gas back into the reservoir.

The introduction of Mero-2 is poised to elevate the Mero field's production capacity to 410,000 b/d. The ongoing construction of two additional phases, Mero-3 and Mero-4, each projecting 180,000 b/d, anticipates their launches by 2025. TotalEnergies foresees a significant share, exceeding 100,000 b/d, once the Mero field attains maximum operational capacity.

Patrick Pouyanné, TotalEnergies' Chairman and CEO, highlights the commencement of Mero-2 as a substantial achievement for the company in Brazil, emphasizing the country's strategic significance for TotalEnergies. Pouyanné notes that the Mero development, with its substantial resources and superior productivity, aligns with the company's strategy, delivering oil production that is both cost-effective and environmentally conscious.

The Mero field operates as a unitized field, spearheaded by Petrobras (38.6%), in collaboration with TotalEnergies (19.3%), Shell Brasil (19.3%), CNPC (9.65%), CNOOC (9.65%), and Pré-Sal Petróleo S.A (PPSA) (3.5%).


TotalEnergies' activation of Mero-2 marks a significant milestone in Brazil's oil industry, fortifying the Mero field's expansion endeavors. With a focus on minimal environmental impact and heightened production, the launch of subsequent phases reflects the company's commitment to sustainable, efficient oil production in alignment with its strategic goals. This initiative signifies TotalEnergies' continued dedication to growth and innovation in Brazil's energy sector.

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