Vattenfall's Triumph: Danish Wind Farm Powers 170,000 Homes

Vesterhav Syd offshore wind farm
Vesterhav Syd offshore wind farmImage Source: Vattenfall


Vattenfall achieves a major milestone by completing the 100% connection of the Vesterhav Syd offshore wind farm to the Danish power grid. This accomplishment translates to the delivery of fossil-free energy to 170,000 Danish households. With all 20 turbines in operation, the project marks the culmination of nearly seven years of dedicated work. Vattenfall, committed to fostering fossil freedom, celebrates the timely contribution of reliable electricity during a cold winter in Denmark and Northern Europe.


In a triumph for sustainable energy, Vattenfall announces the successful completion of the Vesterhav Syd offshore wind farm, marking a crucial step towards powering 170,000 Danish households with fossil-free energy. The achievement underscores Vattenfall's dedication to advancing renewable solutions and reducing carbon footprints.

The Vesterhav Syd offshore wind farm, comprising 20 turbines, saw the successful erection of each turbine between July and September of the previous year. Since the delivery of the farm's first power on November 10, 2023, the turbines have been systematically connected to the grid, culminating in the project's 100% completion. Mathilde Damsgaard, project director for Vesterhav Syd and Nord at Vattenfall, expresses joy in contributing to "fossil freedom," particularly during a cold winter when dependable, fossil-free electricity is paramount.

Vattenfall secured the tender for Vesterhav Syd in 2016, boasting a historically low strike price of 47.5 Danish øre per kWh. The company is also actively operating the Vesterhav Nord offshore wind farm, positioned approximately 80 kilometers from its southern counterpart. Anticipated to connect to the grid in the first quarter of the current year, Vesterhav Nord, together with Vesterhav Syd, will collectively generate fossil-free electricity equivalent to the consumption needs of over 350,000 Danish households.


Vattenfall's successful completion of the Vesterhav Syd offshore wind farm stands as a testament to the company's commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions. With the capacity to power 170,000 Danish households, this achievement not only contributes to fossil freedom but also addresses the pressing need for reliable electricity during cold winter months. As Vattenfall continues to pioneer renewable initiatives, the completion of the Vesterhav Syd offshore wind farm marks a significant stride towards a greener, more sustainable future.

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