Workspace Inks Decade-Long Green Energy Pact

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Workspace Group has sealed a groundbreaking 10-year deal with renewable energy supplier Statkraft to procure the majority of its electricity from a newly constructed solar plant in Devon starting February. Marked as London's pioneering clean energy contract for office providers, this move solidifies Workspace's commitment to sustainable practices.


Workspace Group, a flexible office space provider, has finalized a transformative 10-year agreement with renewable energy supplier Statkraf. This landmark deal signifies Workspace's dedication to sustainable operations and marks a substantial leap toward environmental responsibility in London's commercial sector.

The freshly inked contract entails Statkraf supplying approximately two-thirds of Workspace's anticipated electricity demand, commencing from February. This substantial commitment underscores Workspace's proactive stance toward adopting renewable energy sources.

Notably, the agreement encompasses the purchase of all electricity generated by a newly erected solar facility in Devon, as announced by Workspace on Wednesday. This strategic move aligns with Workspace's mission to transition to cleaner energy sources, contributing significantly to reducing their carbon footprint.

Workspace Group's CEO expressed enthusiasm, highlighting the significance of this agreement. "This marks a pioneering step for London's office providers, being the first clean energy CPPA (Corporate Power Purchase Agreement) sourced directly from a renewable energy generator," stated the company's spokesperson.

This remarkable transition underscores Workspace's dedication to environmental sustainability and its commitment to utilizing clean energy sources in their operations. The company's proactive initiative sets a benchmark for London's commercial sector, emphasizing the integration of eco-friendly practices.

The agreement not only signifies Workspace's commitment to sustainable energy procurement but also echoes its mission to lead by example in London's corporate landscape. By pioneering the CPPA in the London office space domain, Workspace sets the stage for others to follow suit, emphasizing the feasibility and significance of renewable energy adoption.


Workspace Group's decade-long renewable energy deal with Statkraf signifies a monumental stride toward sustainability in London's commercial sphere. This strategic collaboration underscores Workspace's proactive approach toward embracing renewable energy sources, setting a new precedent for environmentally conscious practices in the city's corporate landscape.

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