Air Liquide's Revolutionary Carbon Capture Endeavor

Port of Rotterdam
Port of RotterdamImage Source: Air Liqude


Air Liquide announces the construction of a large-scale carbon capture unit in Rotterdam, Netherlands, utilizing its proprietary Cryocap™ technology. This venture aims to significantly curtail CO₂ emissions in the industrial basin by connecting to Porthos, a substantial carbon capture and storage system.


Air Liquide has unveiled plans to erect, own, and manage a colossal carbon capture unit within Rotterdam's industrial precinct, capitalizing on its exclusive Cryocap™ technology. This initiative, situated at the hydrogen production facility in the Rotterdam port, will interface with Porthos, a robust carbon capture and storage infrastructure, striving to substantially diminish CO₂ emissions in the extensive industrial region.

Employing CryocapTM, a cryogenic-based process for CO₂ capture, Air Liquide will harness CO₂ from its established hydrogen plant in Rotterdam. The captured CO₂ will then traverse the Porthos infrastructure, currently under development, for permanent storage in depleted gas fields located approximately 20 kilometers off the North Sea coast. Anticipated to commence operations by 2026, this project aligns with Air Liquide's commitment to providing significantly decarbonized hydrogen to its long-standing clientele as per existing contracts.

The overarching Porthos infrastructure anticipates slashing emissions by 2.5 million metric tons of CO₂ annually, equivalent to about 10% of Rotterdam's current industrial CO₂ emissions. Acknowledging its significance, the European Union has designated Porthos as a pivotal cross-border infrastructure project contributing to energy and climate policy objectives, listing it as a Project of Common Interest.

Emilie Mouren-Renouard, a member of Air Liquide's Executive Committee and CEO of the Europe Industries Hub, expressed enthusiasm:

"We are delighted to advance the decarbonization agenda in one of Europe's largest industrial hubs while aiding the development of Porthos. This monumental CO₂ capture unit underscores our expertise and dedication to implementing decarbonization solutions in line with the Group's ADVANCE strategic plan."


Air Liquide's ambitious endeavor in constructing a world-scale carbon capture unit in Rotterdam signifies a pivotal stride in combating CO₂ emissions. Through its Cryocap™ technology and integration with the Porthos infrastructure, this initiative exemplifies the commitment to reducing emissions significantly, aligning with both regional and European sustainability objectives.

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