Alstom's Hydrogen Trains Reshape Italian Transit

Alstom, a global mobility leader, secures orders to supply hydrogen-powered Coradia Stream H trains in Puglia and Lombardy, Italy.
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Alstom, a global mobility leader, secures orders to supply hydrogen-powered Coradia Stream H trains in Puglia and Lombardy, Italy. These environmentally-friendly trains, void of CO2 emissions when using green hydrogen, mark significant strides in sustainable transit, aligning with Alstom's commitment to reducing carbon footprints in railway transport.


Alstom, renowned for smart and sustainable mobility solutions, embarks on a transformative journey in Italy, securing orders to supply hydrogen-powered Coradia Stream H trains to Ferrovie del Sud Est (FSE) in Puglia and Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) in Lombardy. These groundbreaking trains, poised to replace diesel counterparts, herald a new era of eco-conscious transit in the country.

The Puglia region, under Ferrovie del Sud Est, will witness the deployment of two Coradia Stream H hydrogen trains, marking Puglia’s inaugural foray into hydrogen-powered transit. Meanwhile, Ferrovie Nord Milano's second order of two additional Coradia Stream H trains further strengthens Lombardy's commitment to sustainable mobility within an existing framework agreement that allows for the acquisition of up to 14 such trains.

Michele Viale, Managing Director of Alstom in Italy, expressed immense pride in delivering the pioneering hydrogen trains to Puglia and bolstering Lombardy's hydrogen-powered fleet. He emphasized Alstom's unparalleled expertise in tailoring green traction solutions to meet diverse customer needs, foreseeing a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions with the supply of these hydrogen trains.

The Coradia Stream H trains, built upon Alstom's single-deck regional train platform, prioritize comfort, innovation, and sustainability. Manufactured in Italy, these trains operate emission-free with green hydrogen, presenting a sustainable alternative to diesel traction on non-electrified lines. Their cutting-edge design ensures passenger comfort and an exceptional travel experience.

These hydrogen-powered trains feature advanced clean energy conversion technologies, efficient energy supply and storage systems, and intelligent energy management. Alstom's commitment to innovation in transit extends across various Italian sites, involving production, development, and testing facilities.

The hydrogen technology within the "power car" generates energy by combining hydrogen stored in tanks with external oxygen, resulting in emission-free energy production. Utilizing high-performance lithium-ion batteries during acceleration optimizes fuel usage, minimizing environmental impact. The European Union's funding through the IPCEI Hy2Tech program supports this revolutionary project.

Alstom's portfolio showcases a commitment to green traction solutions, including hydrogen fuel cells, batteries, and electric systems. The introduction of hydrogen trains in 2016 marked a pioneering step, and the expansion of battery traction solutions on multiple rail platforms continues to serve non-electrified lines. Alstom also offers conversion opportunities for existing diesel trains to zero direct carbon emission traction.


Alstom's supply of hydrogen-powered Coradia Stream H trains to Puglia and Lombardy heralds a transformative era in Italian transit. These eco-friendly trains, crafted with cutting-edge technology and a commitment to sustainability, mark a significant stride towards reducing carbon footprints in railway transport, promising a greener and more efficient future for Italy's public transit system.

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