Bayer, E.ON, Iqony, and Westenergie's Green Hydrogen Endeavor

Green Hydrogen
Green HydrogenImage Source: Bergkamener Infoblog


Bayer, E.ON, Iqony, and Westenergie join forces to explore the viability of establishing a hydrogen cluster in Bergkamen. The initiative aims to produce green hydrogen from imported ammonia, fostering decarbonization in the local industry. E.ON handles ammonia logistics and hydrogen sales, Iqony oversees ammonia storage and processing, and Westenergie evaluates pipeline construction feasibility. The partners envision Bergkamen as an ideal hub for hydrogen initiatives, contributing to the region's decarbonization goals.



In a strategic alliance, Bayer, E.ON, Iqony, and Westenergie are embarking on an ambitious venture to investigate the creation of a hydrogen cluster in Bergkamen. This collaborative effort seeks to delve into the potential of generating green hydrogen from imported ammonia, presenting a pivotal step towards decarbonization in the local industrial landscape.

The project encompasses a comprehensive approach, covering the entire hydrogen value chain, from planning to marketing. Central to the cluster's core is the production of green hydrogen, with imported ammonia serving as the primary raw material. The envisaged beneficiaries include potential customers within Bayer Group's Bergkamen Industrial Park, marking a significant stride in the region's green energy transformation.

Each partner brings unique contributions to the table. E.ON, a global energy company, assumes responsibility for ammonia procurement, logistics, and hydrogen sales, while also exploring additional utilization and marketing avenues. Iqony, specializing in green energy services, takes charge of ammonia storage, ammonia cracker construction and operation, and site preparation at Bayer's Bergkamen site. The plan also contemplates the construction of a pipeline to facilitate the transportation of the produced hydrogen to Bayer's industrial park.

Westenergie, an energy service and infrastructure provider, undertakes a meticulous review of pipeline construction feasibility, focusing on technical and legal aspects. The collaborative efforts of these partners highlight the vast potential of developing a hydrogen cluster in Bergkamen, contributing significantly to ongoing regional decarbonization initiatives.

The partners express optimism about the project's impact on local industry decarbonization. Positioned near the Datteln-Hamm Canal and boasting robust infrastructure, Bergkamen provides a conducive environment for expanding hydrogen initiatives. Iqony's existing technical infrastructure for ammonia supply and storage further enhances the region's suitability for pioneering green energy projects.

Dr. Andreas Reichel, CEO of Iqony, emphasizes the project's role in establishing a vital import infrastructure for the significant hydrogen capacities required in the future. Katherina Reiche, CEO of Westenergie, underscores the necessity of hydrogen for German industry and SMEs, particularly for processes dependent on high and constant temperatures.

Dr. Gabriël Clemens, Managing Director of E.ON Hydrogen, highlights the strategic value of planning a hydrogen cluster, emphasizing its role in supporting the chemical industry's green transformation. Dr. Dieter Heinz, Head of Site Management & Infrastructure Services at Bayer, emphasizes the project's importance in Bayer's commitment to achieving climate neutrality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The project aligns seamlessly with the regional development plans of Bergkamen and the Unna district, envisioning a hydrogen economy on the eastern edge of the Ruhr area. The partners aim to provide answers regarding technical and commercial feasibility by the end of June 2024, shaping the project's future trajectory.


Bayer, E.ON, Iqony, and Westenergie's collaborative pursuit of a hydrogen cluster in Bergkamen stands as a beacon of regional decarbonization efforts. With a comprehensive approach and diverse expertise, the partners aim to propel the region into a sustainable and green energy future. Bergkamen's strategic location and robust infrastructure position it as an ideal hub for pioneering hydrogen initiatives, marking a transformative step towards a cleaner and more resilient industrial landscape.

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