Chile’s Green Hydrogen Logistics Plan

The Ministry of Energy in Chile, alongside universities and regional authorities, introduced the Logistics Development Plan for Magallanes.
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The Ministry of Energy in Chile, alongside universities and regional authorities, introduced the Logistics Development Plan for Magallanes. This plan aims to build strategic port infrastructure supporting the burgeoning green hydrogen industry. It emphasizes inter-ministerial coordination and aims to guide state decisions for regional infrastructure, aligning with national goals for sustainable energy.



Chile has taken a pivotal step towards fostering a sustainable future by launching the Logistics Development Plan for the Magallanes region. Spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy, in collaboration with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso and Universidad de Magallanes, this plan marks a crucial initiative to fortify strategic logistics-port infrastructure in the region. The primary objective is to facilitate the emergence and growth of the green hydrogen industry, aligning state decisions with the evolving needs of sustainable energy practices.

This ambitious plan stands out for its unique emphasis on inter-ministerial collaboration. Coordination among the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications, and Ministry of Public Works signifies a holistic approach towards infrastructure development. Regional governance entities like the Regional Government of Magallanes, along with key public organizations such as ENAP and Empresa Portuaria Austral, join hands in this concerted effort.

During the launch event, the Regional Governor acknowledged the collective effort put forth by various entities involved in crafting the Logistics Development Plan. Emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach, he highlighted the importance of informed decisions backed by knowledge and expressed gratitude to the participating universities and the Ministry of Energy for addressing this significant challenge.

Undersecretary of Energy, Luis Felipe Ramos, lauded the collaborative spirit of different ministries in framing this Logistics Development Plan. He stressed the milestone achieved through inter-ministerial coordination, emphasizing its pivotal role in steering the green hydrogen industry towards sustainable growth. The plan aims to strategically guide various projects, ensuring their rational, effective, and sustainable development aligned with national priorities.

Moreover, this initiative marks a notable leap towards public engagement and transparency. The forthcoming Public Consultation on the Magallanes region's Logistics Development Plan reflects the government's commitment to inclusivity and responsiveness to public opinions regarding the green hydrogen industry, a cornerstone of Chile's policy.

This endeavor not only represents a local initiative but also a significant stride for Chile's broader national development. The Logistics Development Plan for Magallanes aligns with the Sustainable Productive Development Program, aiming to balance social, environmental, and economic facets while fostering regional productive growth.


The Logistics Development Plan for Magallanes illustrates Chile's commitment to fostering sustainable practices. By strategically planning infrastructure to support the green hydrogen industry, the country embarks on a path leading to a greener and more energy-efficient future.

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