ESB Networks Sparks Green Hydrogen Revolution in Cork

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ESB Networks, Ireland's energy stalwart, charts a green course with plans for a hydrogen production facility in Cork. While modest in scale, this project marks the inaugural step towards a broader initiative – a "hydrogen lighthouse" across Ireland. Utilizing green hydrogen, generated through water electrolysis with renewable energy, ESB Networks aims to showcase its viability in achieving a net-zero carbon energy system. The planning application for this transformative project is open for public input until February 13, with Cork County Council expected to make a decision in March.


In a groundbreaking move towards a sustainable energy future, ESB Networks, a key player in Ireland's energy landscape, has submitted a planning application for a pioneering hydrogen production facility in Cork. This strategic endeavor, situated at the existing ESB generating station in Aghada, holds the promise of playing a pivotal role in Ireland's journey towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

Though described as a "small-scale generation project," the significance of this venture lies in its potential to set the stage for a more extensive "hydrogen lighthouse" initiative across Ireland. Green hydrogen, produced through the electrolysis of water using renewable energy sources, emerges as a beacon of clean and efficient energy production.

The proposed site for the hydrogen production facility spans over half a hectare of undeveloped grassed area at the Aghada site. ESB Networks envisions a five-year demonstration project, utilizing this space to showcase the production of green hydrogen and highlight its efficacy in contributing to a sustainable energy ecosystem.

A report by KPMG, supporting the planning application, underscores the strategic importance of this project. Positioned as the initial step in demonstrating the viability of green hydrogen projects, ESB Networks aims to enhance in-house knowledge and engage multiple stakeholders in this transformative journey.

The Irish Government's recognition of green hydrogen's critical role in hard-to-decarbonize sectors, such as aviation, long-distance transport, and power generation, aligns with ESB Networks' vision. The planning application reflects a commitment to advancing Ireland's national hydrogen strategy, emphasizing the country's potential to harness its wind resources for creating hydrogen—a key player in decarbonization efforts.

Environment Minister Eamon Ryan emphasizes the significance of utilizing Ireland's exceptional wind resources for hydrogen production, particularly targeting sectors challenging to decarbonize. The planning application period allows for public engagement until February 13, with a decision anticipated from Cork County Council in March.

This initiative propels Ireland towards becoming a green hydrogen powerhouse, leveraging its renewable energy potential and contributing substantially to a cleaner, sustainable energy future.


ESB Networks' venture into green hydrogen production in Cork marks a transformative moment in Ireland's pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. This small-scale project, with its broader implications for a nationwide "hydrogen lighthouse," showcases Ireland's commitment to net-zero carbon emissions. As stakeholders engage in the planning process, the prospect of a greener, more sustainable energy landscape comes into sharper focus. ESB Networks' pioneering effort signals a paradigm shift towards clean energy, setting the stage for a future where hydrogen plays a central role in Ireland's decarbonization journey. The decision by Cork County Council in March holds the key to unlocking this transformative potential.

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