European Gas Operators Pave Hydrogen Pathway

Six European Gas Transmission System Operators ink a deal for a pre-feasibility study on the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen
Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor
Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen CorridorImage Source: EGTS


Six European Gas Transmission System Operators ink a deal for a pre-feasibility study on the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor. This initiative aims to link Northern Europe's green energy hubs to Central Europe's consumption centers by 2030. The study, conducted by AFRY Management Consulting, seeks to analyze infrastructure, trends, and potential sites for green hydrogen, catalyzing energy ecosystem development and aligning with EU climate goals.



European Gas Transmission System Operators, including Gasgrid Finland, Elering, Conexus Baltic Grid, Amber Grid, GAZ-SYSTEM, and ONTRAS, have united forces for a transformative initiative—the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor. The recently signed contract focuses on a pre-feasibility study, entrusted to AFRY Management Consulting, to assess the prospects of a cross-border hydrogen infrastructure spanning Finland, the Baltics, Poland, and Germany.

This ambitious endeavor seeks to bridge green energy production centers in Northern Europe with major consumption hubs in Central Europe, targeting realization by 2030. Nemunas Biknius, CEO of Amber Grid, emphasized the study's significance in exploring green and low-carbon hydrogen potential, infrastructure scope, financing, and risk management, stressing its pivotal role in fostering the regional hydrogen ecosystem.

Envisaged as a catalyst for energy and related ecosystem development, the hydrogen corridor promises multifaceted benefits. It's projected to amplify renewable electricity production, bolster hydrogen economy growth, and align with European climate objectives. Furthermore, it's poised to stimulate investment in innovation, curtail energy transport expenses, spur employment, and augment state revenues along the corridor route.

Aligned with regional and EU climate aspirations, the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor has garnered support as a Project of Common Interest (PCI) by the European Commission. The pre-feasibility study outcomes are anticipated to guide pivotal decisions by project partners, shaping the corridor's future trajectory.

Back in December 2022, the six gas transmission system operators initiated collaborative efforts to advance this pivotal project. Recognition as a PCI in November 2023 elevated the corridor's status, culminating in this significant milestone—the commencement of the pre-feasibility study, a crucial step toward realizing the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor.


The collaborative efforts of European Gas Transmission System Operators in forging the Nordic-Baltic Hydrogen Corridor underscore a pivotal commitment to green energy innovation. This pre-feasibility study signifies a crucial stride in charting a path toward interconnecting Northern Europe's energy hubs with Central Europe's consumption centers, aligning with climate goals and heralding a promising future for sustainable energy corridors.

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