First Hydrogen's LCV Receives Acclaim from Rivus

First Hydrogen Corp, a pioneering company in hydrogen-based technologies, proudly announces that its hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicle (LCV) has earned high
First Hydrogen LCV
First Hydrogen LCVImage Source – First Hydrogen Corp

First Hydrogen Corp, a pioneering company in hydrogen-based technologies, proudly announces that its hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicle (LCV) has earned high acclaim from Rivus, an award-winning fleet management provider. Rivus drivers, known for their discerning taste, laud the First Hydrogen LCV for delivering a "smooth and pleasant" driving experience, elevating it above its peers in the industry. Notably, the vehicle's exceptional capability to manage extended ranges and refuel at an accelerated pace compared to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) positions it as an ideal solution for fleets aiming to meet zero emissions targets. Following test drives on roads in Birmingham, the West Midlands, and South Yorkshire, Rivus drivers commend the LCV for its "effortless" and "comfortable" driving, specifically appreciating the automatic transmission that eliminates the need for gear changes and the vehicle's significantly reduced noise levels.

Rivus, renowned for managing a vast fleet of approximately 120,000 vehicles, including around 85,000 LCVs, proudly becomes the first fleet management company to test drive this groundbreaking hydrogen-powered vehicle on UK roads. Over the course of a month-long trial, Rivus subjects the vehicle to rigorous duty cycles, simulating real-world scenarios by driving the van along planned routes encompassing diverse terrains, varying speeds, different payloads, and activating and deactivating heating, air conditioning, and other ancillary functions. Capitalizing on their expertise, fleet management specialists at Rivus leverage the data collected through First Hydrogen's onboard telematics to directly compare the performance of similar BEVs and internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles that undergo the same duty cycles.

As part of a comprehensive vehicle trial series facilitated by the UK Aggregated Hydrogen Freight Consortium (AHFC), major fleets from various industries including grocery, delivery, utilities, and healthcare have the opportunity to integrate First Hydrogen's LCV into their day-to-day operations, allowing for practical assessments of its efficacy.

Steve Gill, CEO Automotive at First Hydrogen, expresses delight at the initial positive feedback from Rivus drivers, particularly regarding the exceptional driving experience. The First Hydrogen team values the insights of potential customers, specifically commercial fleet managers and drivers, who prioritize comfortable and effortless driving without compromising range and payload capacity—a common concern associated with alternative zero-emission vehicle technologies. Rivus drivers' invaluable feedback contributes to the continuous improvement of the demonstrator vehicles and the future development of vehicles intended for commercial release.

Thomas Maerz, Chief Development Officer at Rivus, emphasizes the significance of providing commercial drivers with vehicles that offer ease of use and a pleasant working environment. Rivus' team remains thoroughly impressed with the handling, comfort, and seamless driving experience offered by the First Hydrogen vehicle. Analyzing the data collected during these journeys will enable Rivus to gain comprehensive insights into the alignment between vehicle performance and driver experience.

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