Geothermal Green Hydrogen Project in Chilean Aysén

CEGA leads a groundbreaking initiative harnessing geothermal energy for green hydrogen in Chile's Aysén. The project,
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CEGA leads a groundbreaking initiative harnessing geothermal energy for green hydrogen in Chile's Aysén. The project, funded by the Regional Government, aims to assess feasibility for a geothermal-powered hydrogen plant, potentially marking a pivotal shift towards clean energy. With support from local entities, it aligns with global climate goals, signaling a significant step in sustainable energy production.



A momentous project spearheaded by the Center of Excellence in Geothermal Energy of the Andes (CEGA) aims to revolutionize energy in Chile's Aysén Region. This ambitious venture, titled "Prefeasibility of generating green hydrogen with geothermal energy in the Aysén Fjord," underpins the region's potential as a hub for clean energy innovation. At its core lies the utilization of geothermal energy to produce green hydrogen, tapping into the unique geological advantages of the Aysén landscape.

The distinctiveness of the Aysén Region stems from its geographical features—a volcanic arc near the sea—presenting an unparalleled opportunity. This combination places a source of heat close to an abundant water source, offering ideal conditions for sustainable energy production. Leveraging these favorable circumstances, the project endeavors to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of establishing a geothermal-powered green hydrogen plant in the Aysén Fjord.

The initiative, initiated officially in October 2023 after administrative processes, embarks on an 18-month prefeasibility phase, guided by CEGA. Diego Morata, CEGA's director, highlights the project's significance in exploring regional energy prospects, emphasizing a crucial transition towards cleaner energy sources. The robust support from the Regional Government of Aysén and local entities underscores the collective commitment to this pioneering venture.

Green hydrogen emerges as a pivotal resource in the global pursuit of climate objectives and energy transition. With numerous countries, including Chile, emphasizing national green hydrogen strategies, sustainable production becomes a global priority. Aysén's project not only fosters regional development but also aligns harmoniously with the country's climate objectives.

Nicolás Pérez, a principal researcher at CEGA, underscores green hydrogen's potential as an eco-friendly transportation alternative, reducing reliance on fossil fuels. This innovative approach signifies more than an energy matrix revolution in the region; it signals a significant stride towards a sustainable future nationally and globally.


The geothermal-based green hydrogen project in Chile's Aysén Region marks a monumental shift towards sustainable energy solutions. Led by CEGA and backed by regional support, this venture not only explores the potential for clean energy production but also aligns seamlessly with Chile's and the world's climate objectives. The project signifies a promising step towards leveraging geothermal energy to produce green hydrogen, positioning Aysén as a potential hub for clean energy innovation.

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