Greening Roads: Nikola and FEF's Hydrogen Pact"

Nikola Corporation and FirstElement Fuel (FEF) finalize a decade-long pact to fuel hydrogen-powered trucks at FEF's Oakland station.
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Nikola Corporation and FirstElement Fuel (FEF) finalize a decade-long pact to fuel hydrogen-powered trucks at FEF's Oakland station. This alliance champions hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, symbolizing a significant leap toward a greener future. The strategic partnership grants Nikola customers access to FEF's pioneering multi-use heavy-duty truck station, aligning with Nikola's strategy of deploying emissions-free trucks in key Californian port areas.



Nikola Corporation, a frontrunner in zero-emission transport, and FirstElement Fuel (FEF), a leader in hydrogen refueling solutions, seal a ten-year agreement to fuel Nikola's hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks at FEF's Oakland station. This collaboration embodies a joint commitment to propel the widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, driving towards a greener, sustainable future.

FEF assumes the role of an authorized Nikola Fueling Solutions Partner, facilitating Nikola's customer access to fueling services at the strategically located FEF multi-use heavy-duty truck station near Oakland's port. Envisioning a capacity of around 200 trucks daily, this station incorporates the world's inaugural heavy-duty truck H70 fast-fill lane for efficient hydrogen refueling. Funded by the California Energy Commission under the NorCal Zero Project, this agreement aligns with Nikola's strategy of deploying emissions-free trucks in California's maritime ports, inaugurating the initial partner station.

Joe Cappello, Nikola's President of Energy, lauds the collaboration, underscoring the enhanced access to fuel at FEF's premier heavy-duty site in Oakland. The alliance, with future stations in sight, symbolizes a potent synergy between Nikola and FEF, steering towards cleaner, sustainable solutions.

The Oakland station's fast-fill lane epitomizes the fusion of Nikola's advanced truck technology with FEF's station capabilities, showcasing Nikola's dedication to fostering the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in Northern California. Nikola intends to establish nearly 60 stations in the coming years through diverse strategies, encompassing mobile and permanent HYLA branded stations, customer-owned stations, and partnerships with public truck stops. Two fueling solutions locations are anticipated by end-2023, including one HYLA station in Ontario, California, and the FEF Oakland site. The roadmap includes several more locations by Q2 2024.

Nikola's comprehensive strategy spans collaborations to ensure a robust hydrogen supply chain, transport logistics, storage solutions, and dispensing locations. With sufficient energy secured for customer operations until early 2024, efforts continue to secure additional hydrogen offtake while bolstering the refueling ecosystem.

Joel Ewanick, Founder and Executive Chairman of FEF, highlights their shared commitment to revolutionize transportation through hydrogen-powered trucks, envisioning a cleaner, sustainable future.

California's leadership in emissions reduction, particularly in high-traffic ports, sees Nikola's Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell electric truck as a linchpin in advancing green initiatives. The Oakland station and partnership signify Nikola and FEF's dedication to meeting zero-emission goals, crucial for energy transition in transportation.

FEF's installation of hydrogen refueling stations, designed for fast-filling Class 8 trucks, aligns with the strategic collaboration, accelerating the development of hydrogen infrastructure in vital transportation hubs requiring clean energy solutions.

Nikola's strategic expansion of HYLA hydrogen fueling locations in Southern and Northern California, coupled with partnerships, aims to facilitate hydrogen fuel cell electric truck adoption, playing a pivotal role in transportation decarbonization.

The decade-long agreement between Nikola and FEF heralds a transformative era in emissions-free transport, catalyzing the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. With a strategic network expansion across California, this collaboration marks a significant leap towards a greener, sustainable transportation landscape.

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