Hybot H49: Pioneering Hydrogen Revolution

The unveiling of Hybot H49, the world's premier top-down designed long-haul FCEV, marks a significant milestone in the hydrogen-
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The unveiling of Hybot H49, the world's premier top-down designed long-haul FCEV, marks a significant milestone in the hydrogen-powered commercial vehicle realm. Engineered with groundbreaking technology, it promises a 1000km+ cruising range and operates at 49 metric tons, revolutionizing the landscape of hydrogen fuel cell trucks.



Hybot, a trailblazing player in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle segment, has introduced the world to Hybot H49, a groundbreaking long-haul FCEV designed from the top-down perspective. Launched in Guangzhou, China, in December 2023, the vehicle is set to roll out in limited quantities in the latter half of 2024, with mass production slated for 2025.

Hydrogen emerges as a promising future fuel, especially for commercial vehicles operating on fixed routes. Although the availability of hydrogen refueling stations remains a challenge, numerous hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles exist. However, the innovation scope within this sphere remains vast, considering the prevalent strategy shift from conventional fuels to electricity and, subsequently, to hydrogen.

Amidst a sea of fine-tuned models from various brands, Hybot H49 shines as a top-down designed long-haul FCEV, boasting a design that defies norms. Its distinctive appearance, reminiscent of a high-speed train at the front end, isn't just about aesthetics but is engineered for exceptional aerodynamic efficiency, surpassing its counterparts. Key highlights include a high Voltage Integration and distributed driving system alongside a one-piece intelligent hydrogen-electric wire-controlled chassis, all aimed at delivering unparalleled operational efficiency.

The Hybot H49 achieves an exceptional cruising range of over 1000km while maintaining an energy consumption rate of 8 kg per 100km at a gross weight of 49 metric tons. This groundbreaking achievement marks Hybot H49 as the world's first gaseous hydrogen fuel cell truck capable of covering a thousand kilometers on a single tank, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

The emergence of Hybot H49 heralds a new era in the commercial vehicle domain, revolutionizing the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology and redefining the benchmarks for operational efficiency and cruising range.


Hybot's unveiling of the Hybot H49 ushers in a new chapter in hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles. The H49's top-down design and innovative technology promise an exceptional cruising range of over 1000km, setting a new standard for hydrogen fuel cell trucks. This introduction marks a significant leap in redefining efficiency and performance in the realm of commercial transportation.

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