Hydrogen Harmony: HH2E & GASCADE's Pipeline Pact

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Germany's hydrogen horizon takes a leap forward as HH2E and GASCADE seal a pivotal deal, connecting Lubmin's green hydrogen hub to the European Gas Pipeline Link. Set to commence production by 2025, HH2E's green hydrogen, blended with natural gas initially, charts a course towards sustainable energy. The Flow project, a linchpin in Germany's hydrogen network, gains momentum, laying the groundwork for a hydrogen-rich future.


In a landmark development, HH2E and GASCADE solidify their collaboration, heralding a transformative era for Germany's hydrogen landscape. The agreement orchestrates the integration of Lubmin's green hydrogen production site into the European Gas Pipeline Link, a strategic move poised to reshape the nation's energy paradigm.

HH2E, envisioning a green hydrogen production capacity of 4 GW by 2030, positions itself as a trailblazer in harnessing renewable energy surpluses. The synergy between intermittent renewables and consistent green hydrogen production becomes the cornerstone of their ambitious vision. Lubmin emerges as a crucial nexus, with plans for the Flow – making hydrogen happen H2 pipeline converging with ongoing grid connection dialogues with GASCADE.

GASCADE, a stalwart in Germany's gas pipeline network, underscores its commitment to energy evolution by converting existing pipelines for hydrogen transportation. The strategic blend of hydrogen and natural gas serves as a stepping stone, reducing carbon emissions while leveraging established infrastructure. Ulrich Benterbusch, GASCADE's Managing Director, highlights the importance of this transitional phase, emphasizing the tangible progress towards pure hydrogen transport.

The blending of green hydrogen into natural gas presents a multifaceted boon. Beyond emissions reduction, it fosters cost-effective transition strategies, capitalizing on existing infrastructure. This approach enhances energy security by diversifying fuel sources and aligns with Germany's broader climate objectives. Moreover, it fuels the burgeoning green hydrogen production technologies, unlocking potential applications across diverse sectors.


The HH2E-GASCADE accord signifies a momentous stride towards a sustainable hydrogen ecosystem. By synchronizing intermittent renewable inputs with consistent green hydrogen production, the collaboration pioneers an eco-conscious narrative. The green hydrogen blend, coursing through the veins of GASCADE's pipelines, not only reduces emissions but propels Germany towards a hydrogen-rich future. As Lubmin evolves into a central hub, the Flow project unfolds as a transformative symphony, harmonizing the transition from fossil fuels to a hydrogen-infused energy landscape.

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