HYGUANE Sparks Ariane 6's Greener Lift

Ariane 6
Ariane 6Image Source: ESA


Project HYGUANE initiates a sustainable hydrogen fuel production facility for Ariane 6, Europe’s heavy-lift rocket. With a €40.5M investment in solar farms and expandable distribution systems, this venture involves Air Liquide, SARA, MT-Aerospace, BEBLUE, three universities, and ESA & CNES. Commencing after years of planning, it marks a crucial step towards eco-friendly space exploration.


The wheels have been set in motion for a sustainable leap in space technology with the commencement of Project HYGUANE. This ambitious venture aims to establish a cutting-edge production facility generating hydrogen fuel tailored for Ariane 6, Europe's flagship heavy-lift rocket.

A fusion of innovation and environmental consciousness, HYGUANE stands as a testament to progress in eco-friendly space exploration. Symbolized by its name—a blend of 'hydrogen,' 'French Guiana,' and the indigenous 'Iguanas'—this project boasts a €40.5M investment. It's a comprehensive plan encompassing a solar farm, distribution systems, and a blueprint designed for scalable expansion in the future.

The fruition of HYGUANE follows meticulous planning and three years of rigorous studies. The momentous start was marked on December 21, 2023, with the formal signing of the consortium agreement. This agreement brought together a consortium comprising four pioneering companies—Air Liquide, SARA, MT-Aerospace, and BEBLUE.

Not limited to corporate entities, the project engages academia, involving three esteemed universities: Université de Guyane, Université de Liège, and Université Libre de Bruxelles. Additionally, two renowned institutions—ESA (European Space Agency) and CNES (French National Centre for Space Studies)—lend their expertise to propel HYGUANE toward success.

This initiative signifies a pivotal stride toward greener practices in the aerospace industry. By integrating renewable energy sources into the rocket's fuel production, HYGUANE aligns with Europe's vision for sustainable space exploration.


The launch of Project HYGUANE heralds a promising era in space exploration, blending technology and sustainability to fuel Europe's Ariane 6 rocket. With a collaborative effort between industry leaders, academic institutions, and space agencies, this initiative paves the way for a more eco-conscious journey into the final frontier.

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