HYIELD: EU Funds Revolutionary Waste-to-Hydrogen Project

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The EU granted €10 million to HYIELD, a coalition of materials and energy companies, for pioneering waste-to-hydrogen tech. Over four years, the initiative plans to convert 300 million metric tons of waste into 30 million tons of green hydrogen. Led by Clean Hydrogen JU, Cemex in Spain joins the project, aiming to demonstrate hydrogen’s potential in shipping, aviation, and energy industries.


A groundbreaking venture poised to transform waste into valuable green hydrogen secured a €10 million grant from the European Union. HYIELD, a collaborative consortium of materials and energy companies, spearheads this innovative research and development initiative aimed at creating a waste-to-hydrogen demonstration plant.

Overseen by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership (Clean Hydrogen JU), this ambitious project targets leveraging Europe's substantial annual waste production of 300 million metric tons to yield an impressive 30 million tons of green hydrogen.

Set to unfold over four years, the project's primary objective revolves around integrating cutting-edge technologies and processes. This fusion seeks to efficiently convert biogenic waste streams into high-purity green hydrogen, all while ensuring competitive production costs.

Newly onboarded to the HYIELD consortium, Cemex, a global building materials company, highlighted the potential applications of resulting hydrogen. It could significantly impact sectors like shipping, aviation, and energy-intensive industries.

The waste-to-hydrogen plant, tailored for demonstration purposes, will undergo testing at Cemex's Alcanar cement factory in Spain. Anticipated to handle over 2,000 metric tons of waste, the plant aims to yield nearly 400 metric tons of green hydrogen.

Sergio Menendez, President of Cemex EMEA, expressed the company's commitment to exploring sustainable technologies. He emphasized their alignment with the net-zero ambition by 2050 and Cemex's enthusiasm about hosting the HYIELD trial.

Coordinated by MAGTEL, the HYIELD consortium boasts a lineup of key players like WtEnergy Advanced Solutions and Synhelion. Spanish entities H2SITE, VEOLIA, ENAGAS, among others, alongside European partners like MINCATEC and SINTEF, are integral to the project's success.


The EU's generous grant to HYIELD signifies a transformative leap towards harnessing waste for sustainable green hydrogen production. With visionary collaboration and groundbreaking technology, this initiative spearheads a pivotal journey toward unlocking renewable energy sources, aligning with global ambitions for a cleaner, greener future.

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