Metacon's Bold Leap: Crafting Hydrogen Future

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Metacon, via its subsidiary Metacon Technology, secures an exclusive license from PERIC Hydrogen Technologies for the construction of a "Gigafactory." This marks PERIC's first-ever agreement of this nature in its six-decade history. The deal grants Metacon exclusive rights in Europe to manufacture Hydrogen Generation Systems using PERIC's cutting-edge pressurized alkaline electrolysis modules. Metacon is now exploring avenues for a potential factory in Sweden or another EU country, with plans for an initial production volume of up to 0.5 GW per year, catering to the growing demand for green hydrogen.


In a monumental stride towards a sustainable energy landscape, Metacon, through its subsidiary Metacon Technology, has inked an OEM license and manufacturing agreement with PERIC Hydrogen Technologies. This historic pact marks the first time in PERIC's extensive history, spanning over six decades, that such an exclusive agreement has been forged. The accord empowers Metacon with the exclusive right to construct a "Gigafactory" in Europe for the production of Hydrogen Generation Systems (HGS) based on PERIC's world-leading pressurized alkaline electrolysis modules.

This strategic move positions Metacon at the forefront of the burgeoning green hydrogen revolution, with the potential Gigafactory envisaged to be among the largest in Europe. Metacon's initial plans target a production volume of up to 0.5 GW per year, equivalent to 50-100 complete electrolysis plants based on 5 and 10 MW electrolysis modules, respectively. The company is also evaluating the possibility of scaling up to a capacity of 1 GW per year and beyond, aligning with the exponential growth projected in the green hydrogen sector.

The agreement not only provides Metacon with a unique opportunity to manufacture and sell its own electrolysis plants but also positions the company to meet the pressing market demands, particularly in the industrial sector. The collaboration with PERIC, a global leader with over 60 years of expertise, is a testament to Metacon's commitment to delivering cutting-edge hydrogen solutions.

PERIC's prowess in the field is underscored by its 5 MW and 10 MW electrolysis modules, offering a significant competitive advantage, especially for industries with large production needs. The ability to build a 500 MW electrolysis plant with 50 10 MW modules instead of 100 5 MW modules presents substantial economies of scale. This becomes crucial in sectors like fossil-free steel, green fertilizers, green ammonia, and electro fuels, where the streamlined plant complexity offers efficiency.

Moreover, PERIC's electrolysis modules are designed to synergize with irregular electricity production from renewable sources, ensuring compatibility with wind and solar power fluctuations. Metacon's exclusive rights to incorporate PERIC's technology in its electrolysis plants strengthen its position as a local manufacturer catering to European standards and quality assurance.

The gigafactory initiative aligns seamlessly with Metacon's strategy to build a unique and world-leading technology portfolio for green hydrogen production. As the market for electrolyser plants is poised for dramatic growth, Metacon's foray into manufacturing complements its role as a reseller of PERIC's electrolysis systems in the European market.

The European market's need for electrolyser plants is projected to soar in the coming years, with the International Energy Agency emphasizing the necessity of scaling up production to meet Net Zero targets. Metacon's potential contribution to the 2030 targets in the European hydrogen strategies could see the production of approximately 8,000 electrolyser plants per year. With a forecasted market value of around SEK 400 billion for 2030, Metacon aims to secure a substantial share, potentially constituting 1.5-3% of the European market.

Exploratory discussions with major stakeholders have indicated positive receptivity to Swedish or European-made electrolyser plants. Metacon is exploring various financing options, including national and EU support programs, to realize its ambitious gigafactory plans.

In addition to building its own electrolysis plants, Metacon will continue to serve as a reseller of PERIC's electrolysis systems in the European market. This dual approach ensures continuity in deliveries and flexibility in meeting customer preferences.

As Metacon embarks on this transformative journey, detailed investigations, site selection, and planning are underway. The company's vision of becoming a leading player in the European hydrogen sector takes a substantial step forward with the realization of this Gigafactory.


Metacon's exclusive agreement with PERIC for the construction of a Gigafactory heralds a new era in the green hydrogen landscape. With a strategic focus on local manufacturing, quality assurance, and adherence to European standards, Metacon is poised to play a pivotal role in meeting the escalating demand for electrolyser plants. This visionary move positions Metacon as a key contributor to Europe's sustainable energy future and underscores its commitment to driving innovation in the hydrogen sector.

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