Pioneering Progress: Hexagon Purus Unveils Hydrogen Hub in Weeze

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Hexagon Purus, a global leader in zero-emission mobility and hydrogen solutions, has expanded its Weeze facility to meet surging demand for hydrogen infrastructure. The expanded site, now 16,000m2, doubles annual production capacity for high-pressure hydrogen solutions. The move aligns with the global shift towards clean energy, positioning Hexagon Purus as a key player in hydrogen storage and distribution. The company anticipates continued market dominance as green hydrogen gains traction, replacing conventional solutions and addressing the world's carbon emission challenges.


In a strategic move to bolster its position as a forerunner in the realm of zero-emission mobility and hydrogen infrastructure, Hexagon Purus has unveiled the expansion of its primary manufacturing facility in Weeze, Germany. This development is part of the company's ongoing efforts to meet the escalating demand for hydrogen infrastructure solutions in the wake of the world's transition to cleaner energy sources.

The state-of-the-art facility, initially spanning 11,000m2, has now grown to an impressive 16,000m2, marking a substantial enhancement in Hexagon Purus' annual production capacity for type 4 high-pressure hydrogen infrastructure solutions. This expansion underscores the company's commitment to staying ahead in a market where hydrogen storage and distribution play pivotal roles in the broader hydrogen ecosystem.

Michael Kleschinski, EVP Mobility & Infrastructure at Hexagon Purus, expressed pride in inaugurating the expanded manufacturing site in Weeze, the fourth such opening in the past 12 months. He emphasized the crucial role of hydrogen storage and distribution as integral components of the hydrogen ecosystem, highlighting how they have been major growth drivers for Hexagon Purus.

Hexagon Purus is at the forefront of taking market share in the storage and transport of hydrogen, showcasing the competitive edge of its Type 4 transport and storage solutions in terms of total cost of ownership. Kleschinski anticipates this trend to persist as green hydrogen gradually replaces traditional forms, with the expanded capacity enabling the company to meet the escalating demand effectively.

This expansion follows Hexagon Purus' recent openings of manufacturing sites in Kassel (Germany), Kelowna (Canada), and Westminster (Maryland, US), focusing on hydrogen cylinder production, battery systems, and additional hydrogen cylinders, respectively. These strategic moves signify Hexagon Purus' commitment to diversifying and expanding its capabilities in various facets of the clean energy sector.


In conclusion, Hexagon Purus' unveiling of the expanded manufacturing hub in Weeze stands as a testament to its commitment to innovation and sustainability. As the demand for hydrogen infrastructure solutions surges globally, Hexagon Purus positions itself as a key player with the enhanced capacity to meet the evolving needs of the market. This development reinforces the company's role in shaping a cleaner, more sustainable future, contributing significantly to the growing momentum of the hydrogen-powered energy transition.

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