Samsung Sparks Green Hydrogen Wave: Nel ASA's Deal

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Nel ASA's subsidiary, Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser, secures a significant contract with Samsung C&T for a pioneering 10 MW alkaline electrolyser setup. Valued at approximately $5 million, this deal marks a milestone in Samsung C&T's pursuit of green hydrogen ventures. The off-grid project, set to unfold in South Korea, signifies Samsung C&T's commitment to revolutionizing its energy portfolio. Nel ASA's cutting-edge technology and automated production line in Norway position it as a key player in Samsung C&T's quest for reliable water electrolysis facilities.


In a groundbreaking venture, Nel ASA's subsidiary, Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser, has inked a substantial deal with Samsung C&T Corporation Engineering & Construction Group. The contract, valued at around $5 million, encompasses the supply of 10 MW of alkaline electrolyser equipment for Samsung C&T's trailblazing off-grid green hydrogen production endeavor in South Korea.

Samsung C&T, a global player in engineering, procurement, and construction, is strategically venturing into the green hydrogen domain. With several green hydrogen agreements already under its belt, the company is making formidable strides in fortifying its energy transition business portfolio. The partnership with Nel ASA marks a pivotal move towards securing reliable water electrolysis facilities, a cornerstone in Samsung C&T's ambitious energy transition strategy.

Nel ASA's CEO, Håkon Volldal, expresses enthusiasm about being chosen for this pilot project, emphasizing Samsung C&T's dedication to learning and developing within the green hydrogen industry. The collaboration is poised to be both productive and fruitful, setting the stage for potential future ventures between the two companies.

The contract involves a firm purchase order for alkaline stacks and balance-of-stacks (BoS), essential components in the electrolysis process. Notably, these electrodes will be manufactured at Nel ASA's Herøya facility in Norway, renowned as the world's first fully automated electrolyser production line. This underscores Nel ASA's commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainable production practices.

Samsung C&T's Head of Energy Solution Business Unit, Byung Soo Lee, underscores the significance of building a partnership with Nel ASA, citing the company's remarkable technology and history. The hope is for a continued collaboration, not only in the current South Korean project but also in diverse overseas green hydrogen production initiatives.

As the green hydrogen wave gains momentum globally, this collaboration positions both Nel ASA and Samsung C&T at the forefront of sustainable energy endeavors. The South Korean project stands as a testament to the increasing importance of green hydrogen in reshaping the landscape of global energy production.


The Nel ASA and Samsung C&T collaboration heralds a significant stride in the pursuit of green hydrogen solutions. With Nel ASA's cutting-edge electrolyser technology and Samsung C&T's global engineering prowess, the partnership not only marks a key milestone in South Korea's green hydrogen ambitions but also signals a broader shift towards sustainable energy practices on the global stage.

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