Sealhyfe Triumph: Offshore Hydrogen Horizon

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Lhyfe's Sealhyfe project, the world's first offshore hydrogen production pilot, concludes successfully after 14 months of testing in challenging conditions. The project met initial objectives, showcasing Lhyfe's operational excellence. Sealhyfe's 1 MW electrolyser demonstrated offshore hydrogen production's viability, reliability, and adaptability to harsh conditions. The project provides valuable insights, enhancing Lhyfe's expertise for future offshore endeavors. The positive outcomes propel Lhyfe towards its next venture, the HOPE project, aiming to commercialize large-scale offshore green hydrogen production by 2026.


In a groundbreaking achievement, Lhyfe, a trailblazer in green and renewable hydrogen production, announces the success of its Sealhyfe project—the world's inaugural offshore hydrogen production pilot. The 14-month testing phase, conducted under rigorous conditions, concluded with Sealhyfe returning to dock with its full production capacity intact, marking a significant leap in operational excellence for Lhyfe.

The Sealhyfe project, equipped with a 1 MW electrolyser from Plug, aimed to demonstrate the feasibility of producing hydrogen offshore from renewable energy sources. The objectives included operating an industrial-scale unit in an isolated environment, testing reliability in harsh conditions, and building a database for optimization. Measurement instruments were meticulously employed from September 2022 to November 2023, both at the quayside and at sea.

The review of test results reveals Sealhyfe's system responsiveness and versatility, especially in managing wind power variability offshore. The robustness of the production system equipment was tested against extreme conditions, including confronting storms with waves over 10 meters high and winds exceeding 150 kph. Sealhyfe returned unscathed, affirming the resilience of Lhyfe's technology.

Throughout the experiment, the focus was on equipment and system optimization, utilizing on-board and remotely-controlled instruments to enhance efficiency and reliability. The project also validated remote control operations from Lhyfe's control center, reducing maintenance operations and demonstrating software and algorithm reliability in the marine environment.

Collaboration with French authorities helped define operating rules for offshore green hydrogen production units, both in urban and open sea environments. Sealhyfe has played a pivotal role in developing Lhyfe's expertise in handling constraints associated with offshore industrial deployment.


In conclusion, the Sealhyfe project stands as a testament to Lhyfe's prowess in offshore hydrogen production, achieving set objectives and showcasing unparalleled operational excellence. The success paves the way for Lhyfe's next ambitious project, HOPE, aimed at large-scale offshore green hydrogen production from 2026. The positive outcomes from Sealhyfe not only bolster Lhyfe's expertise but also contribute to advancing the entire industry, marking a crucial milestone in making offshore hydrogen production a tangible reality.

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