Solaris: Essen's Hydrogen Transit Revolution

SolarisImage Source: Solaris


Solaris, a leading European hydrogen bus manufacturer, has secured a contract with Ruhrbahn GmbH to supply 19 hydrogen-powered buses to Essen, Germany. The order includes innovative Urbino 12 and Urbino 18 models, equipped with hydrogen fuel cells for onboard electricity generation and advanced safety features. This marks Solaris's debut in Essen and a crucial step in the city's sustainable transit evolution.


Solaris, renowned for its cutting-edge hydrogen buses, has inked a deal with Ruhrbahn GmbH to introduce 19 hydrogen-powered buses to Essen, Germany. The order comprises nine Urbino 12 and ten Urbino 18 models, scheduled for delivery in 2024 and 2025. This partnership represents Solaris's first venture into Essen's streets, promising enhanced passenger comfort and a significant stride in transforming the transportation sector.

Olivier Michard, responsible for Sales and Marketing at Solaris, expressed pride in supplying Essen with state-of-the-art hydrogen vehicles. The buses will feature hydrogen fuel cells generating electrical energy onboard, with 70 kW and 100 kW fuel cells for the 12-meter and articulated models, respectively. The vehicles will also incorporate Solaris High Power batteries to support the fuel cell during peak demand.

Passenger comfort is prioritized with air-conditioning using a CO2 device with a heat pump heating function. USB chargers, an extensive passenger information system, and safety features like turn-assistants and brake-assistants are integrated. Ruhrbahn GmbH has opted for eSConnect, Solaris's tool facilitating data access for performance assessment and operational planning.

The surge in European interest in hydrogen technology aligns with Solaris's status as the largest hydrogen bus manufacturer. With an order book exceeding 700 vehicles, the company is at the forefront of Europe's shift towards zero-emission transport. The German market, in particular, is embracing hydrogen-powered buses, with Solaris buses already operational in several cities, and additional contracts in progress for various locations.


In conclusion, Solaris's contract to supply hydrogen buses to Essen signifies a significant milestone in the city's transition to sustainable transportation. The partnership with Ruhrbahn GmbH introduces cutting-edge Urbino 12 and Urbino 18 models, equipped with advanced features for enhanced passenger experience and safety. Essen's embrace of hydrogen technology aligns with Solaris's position as a leader in the hydrogen bus market. This venture not only marks Solaris's debut in Essen but also underscores the growing European enthusiasm for zero-emission transport solutions, particularly in Germany. The buses' delivery in 2024 and 2025 heralds a new era for Essen's public transit, aligning with broader efforts to reduce carbon emissions and foster eco-friendly mobility.

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