Transport: Wales & West Utilities' Pioneering Hydrogen Trial



Wales & West Utilities partners with First Hydrogen Corp. for groundbreaking trials of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The first-of-its-kind trial, supported by Protium Green Solutions and Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions, introduces a hydrogen ecosystem to power the company's fleet. The hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicle demonstrates its advantage over battery electric vehicles in range, towing capacity, and rapid refueling. The collaboration aims to bridge gaps in refueling infrastructure, showcasing the viability of hydrogen for sustainable and efficient transport solutions.


In a milestone collaboration, Wales & West Utilities (WWU) joins forces with First Hydrogen Corp. to initiate groundbreaking trials of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, marking a significant stride towards sustainable transportation. The innovative trial, slated to commence later this month, features First Hydrogen's hydrogen fuel cell powered light commercial vehicle (FCEV), operating from WWU's Swansea depot.

The FCEV, a first-of-its-kind in Wales, is set to be part of WWU's extensive fleet of 1,300 vehicles deployed across Wales and the southwest of England. Designed to support network engineers in customer call outs, repair, and maintenance work, the trial aims to showcase the advantages of First Hydrogen's FCEV over battery electric vehicles, emphasizing its impressive range of 630 km/400 mi, payload towing capacity, and rapid refueling capabilities.

Noteworthy partners, Protium Green Solutions and Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions, contribute to the trial by providing green hydrogen and mobile refueling services. Protium's Pioneer 1 site in Wales supplies green hydrogen produced through electrolysis using renewable power. This strategic collaboration aims to develop a local hydrogen ecosystem to bolster WWU's operations and address the challenges of refueling in areas lacking infrastructure.

The moveable refueling service by Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions, coupled with green hydrogen from Protium, enables WWU to refuel the FCEV close to its Swansea depot, eliminating the need to travel to a public station. This approach challenges the conventional notion that refueling infrastructure dictates vehicle deployment, showcasing how partnerships can reshape refueling dynamics in areas lacking existing infrastructure.

Steve Gill, Head of Automotive at First Hydrogen, expresses delight in working with WWU, emphasizing the trial's significance in establishing a local hydrogen ecosystem. The trial not only serves as a learning experience for moveable and depot-based refueling solutions but also contributes to the development of technology that can bridge gaps in the UK's refueling infrastructure network.

Stephen Offley, Transport Manager at Wales & West Utilities, expresses confidence in hydrogen playing a fundamental role in delivering low-cost green energy. The trial aligns with WWU's commitment to cleaner and greener energy solutions, paving the way for the role of hydrogen in decarbonizing fleets and supporting broader initiatives like the proposed major hydrogen pipeline across South Wales.

The collaboration demonstrates the practicalities of hydrogen use within fleets, inspiring other industries and businesses to view hydrogen as a realistic, operationally effective zero-emission solution. The trial reflects the collective effort of the entire hydrogen value chain, emphasizing the power of partnerships in accelerating the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles.


The pioneering hydrogen trial initiated by Wales & West Utilities and First Hydrogen Corp. stands as a testament to the transformative potential of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in achieving sustainable and efficient transportation. The collaboration, supported by Protium Green Solutions and Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions, not only showcases the advantages of hydrogen-powered vehicles but also addresses the challenges of refueling in areas lacking infrastructure. As the trial unfolds, it promises to inspire other industries and businesses to embrace hydrogen as a realistic, operationally effective, and zero-emission solution for the future.

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