Vauxhall's Hydrogen Odyssey: Fuelling Fleet Futures

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Vauxhall joins forces with Ryze Hydrogen to pioneer hydrogen refuelling solutions for van fleets. The collaboration aims to overcome the historical challenges of hydrogen adoption by developing infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to refuel hydrogen-powered vehicles conveniently. This partnership aligns with Vauxhall's broader hydrogen strategy, catering to the imminent demand for zero-emission fleet solutions in 2024 and beyond.


Vauxhall has embarked on an innovative journey, partnering with Ryze Hydrogen to spearhead the development of hydrogen refuelling solutions tailored for van fleets. This collaboration comes on the heels of Vauxhall's impending release of the Vivaro and Movano Hydrogen vans, marking a pivotal moment in the pursuit of sustainable fleet solutions.

The partnership's primary focus is on creating hydrogen infrastructure solutions that empower businesses to refuel their hydrogen-powered vehicles conveniently. This development is a response to the historical challenges posed by the lack of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and refuelling infrastructure, rendering hydrogen a less viable option for fleets. However, industry experts predict a shift in 2024, with hydrogen's potential as a fleet fuel gaining attention among operators seeking zero-emission solutions.

Ryze Hydrogen, renowned for its expertise in affordable hydrogen distribution infrastructure, is poised to play a key role in driving developments in this sector. The company is already involved in various projects, including a low-carbon hydrogen production and dispensing facility in Bradford.

Mark Gilks, head of business development - mobility at Ryze, expressed enthusiasm about working with Vauxhall and its customers to tailor solutions aligned with their net-zero ambitions. Recognizing the diversity in business needs, Ryze aims to provide flexible solutions, whether businesses prefer onsite fuelling facilities or co-location options.

This collaboration is an integral part of Vauxhall's overarching hydrogen strategy, contributing to the creation of a comprehensive and practical hydrogen refuelling infrastructure across the UK. As Vauxhall prepares for the fleet trials of the Vivaro Hydrogen van later in 2024, the partnership with Ryze positions itself as a crucial step toward offering viable zero-emission solutions for businesses running fleets.

Vauxhall's commitment to hydrogen extends beyond the Vivaro, with plans to open orders for the Movano Hydrogen later in 2024. The Movano Hydrogen boasts a remarkable driving range of up to 311 miles (WLTP) and a quick five-minute refuelling time. These hydrogen-powered LCVs provide benefits such as extended driving ranges, rapid refuelling, and no compromise on payload capacity, addressing challenges associated with the transition to electric vans.

James Taylor, Managing Director of Vauxhall, expressed delight in partnering with Ryze to develop hydrogen refuelling solutions, emphasizing the accessibility and practicality of hydrogen vans for fleets. With this collaboration, Vauxhall positions itself as the sole manufacturer offering two zero-emission solutions—battery electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles—enabling van fleets to choose based on their operational requirements.


In conclusion, Vauxhall's collaboration with Ryze Hydrogen represents a significant leap forward in the quest for hydrogen-powered fleet solutions. By addressing the challenges of hydrogen adoption through tailored infrastructure solutions, this partnership aligns with the changing landscape of fleet preferences. As Vauxhall prepares to introduce hydrogen-powered vans to the market, the collaboration with Ryze underscores the commitment to providing accessible and trouble-free options for businesses embracing zero-emission vehicles. This marks a pivotal moment in Vauxhall's hydrogen strategy, offering fleets a choice between battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to suit their diverse operational needs.

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