Singapore American School Campus Upgrade Project
Singapore American SchoolSingapore American School

Singapore American School Campus Upgrade Project

Singapore American School announce a SGD 400 million campus upgrade project that reimagines the role of classrooms and buildings in the learning

Singapore American School announce a SGD 400 million campus upgrade project that reimagines the role of classrooms and buildings in the learning journey and will provide unmatched learning opportunities for students and teachers. The school has partnered with world-renowned education architectural firm, Fielding International to design the new campus and with local award-winning China Construction Development Co. for construction. The project will be completed in three phases, with phase one beginning on May 29 and the entire project scheduled for completion by fall 2026.

The project is the result of several years of planning and school community engagement. The result is the culmination of thousands of parent, educator, and student voices who have shared thoughtful feedback throughout the development process. During this process, six key design themes emerged

  1. Flexible - SAS Reimagined is a forward-looking vision for the campus that not only meets the needs of current students but has the flexibility to meet the needs of future students as education changes over time. What kids need now may be different in 10 or 20 years and a flexible campus allows the learning approach to evolve over time.

  2. Functional - With more flexibly designed buildings, the school will capture more space for learning, play/activity space, and new programs. SAS Reimagined offers the opportunity to increase learning space by as much as 30 percent and play space by as much as 84 percent.

  3. Scalable - SAS is built upon an expansive 36-acre campus. SAS Reimagined will creatively and effectively optimize land use with an emphasis on creating community opportunities to make a big school feel small.

  4. Modular - Modular spaces will allow teachers to adjust classrooms on the fly. Sliding glass doors, moveable walls, and lots of flexible seating options will empower teachers to create spaces customized to the learning students engage in each day.

  5. Sustainable - SAS Reimagined will be sensitive to the natural landscape. It will encourage the conservation of resources and ensure energy efficiency in building design. Goals include meeting Net Zero energy for all new construction and meeting Singapore's Green Mark Platinum standard and the WELL standard. The overall sustainability goal is to balance present needs with future imperatives.

  6. Smart - New learning environments will include modern and innovative systems to support learning well into the future. Digital room reservation software allows users to set their lighting, technology, and temperature preferences, while a sustainability dashboard will provide real-time data about energy and resource use. Besides promoting efficiency, this will act as a learning resource for students.

One of the first pieces of the plan to be completed is the creation of a new collection of athletic fields located west of the current campus. The West Fields include one baseball field, one full-size soccer/football field, and four tennis/multi-purpose courts. The school is working with local community leaders to make these fields available for public use during non-school hours. Additionally, the school will create a garden plot on this land where local community members can plant and raise gardens.

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